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August 22, 2016

Zodiac Signs and Their Best Colors in 2016

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Colors signify mental state and physical health. The wrong choice of colors can lead to imbalance and downfall in life. When used in a correct way, colors can heal, purify and nourish. Each mental and physical body has their own colors. Colors characterize the progress of man and his achievements. Colors affect our lives immensely and hence it’s imperative to choose the right shades and tints. Astrology ascribes to all planets a particular color in accordance with their moods and ruling planet.

#1 Aries (Mar 21-April 20)

The energetic and the enthusiastic Aries person have a very independent personality. Ruled by the martial and aggressive planet Mars, Aries comes out best when wearing the color Red which signifies energy, aggression, and purity. To calm themselves, Aries must mix match red with light yellow or pale shades. Black is one color which they must avoid while flaunting in hues like rust, golden or mustard can go a long way in giving them a confident look.aries

#2 Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Known for their calm nature, endurance and stability, Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus. The colors most suitable for them are White and Pink. These two colors accentuate their creative, loving and artistic nature. While Black can also work, Red is a big no-no for Taurus as it negatively affects the peaceful Taurean. Other colors that positively affect a Taurean are sky-blue, beige and maroon.


#3 Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini is a versatile zodiac sign which is popular for its brilliance, creativity, and flair of languages. Ruled by Mercury, the best color for this sign is Green which marks the usher of growth, rejuvenation, and creativity. To channel the fickleness and the restlessness of Gemini, Black can be employed. Dominating the wardrobe with white, pink and red is favorable but too much of red can cause immense irritation.


#4 Cancer (June 21-July 21)

The sensitive, emotional and shy Cancerians constantly need a positive frame of mind to excel in life and so the color which must dominate their personality should be either Blue or White which signify nurture and softness. Ruled by the moon, Cancerians also fare well while wearing yellow and red. Red, however, triggers their emotional side a lot.


#5 Leo (July 22-Aug 22)

The royal zodiac sign is popular for its intelligence, vigor, and boldness. Ruled by the sun, Leo looks and prosper the best while wearing Orange. Bright colors like yellow and golden help to bring in glory, optimism, and self-esteem. Pale shades or pale combinations can cause disaster to Leo’s temperament. Rich, ornate and flashy clothes suit the Leo best.


#6 Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

The choosy, critical and reserved Virgo is very difficult to please and often choose uncommon things. Similar traits can be seen even in colors. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo looks and blooms the best in Peach color. Earthly colors like olive greens, caramel, sky blue, and light pink also work best in the case of Virgo. These colors are in lieu with Virgo’s personality and make them look younger and resourceful. Red is too heavy a color for a Virgo to carry around. The only bold colors it can manage to flaunt are black and blue-green.

#7 Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

A sign of peace, harmony, and beauty, Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra natives are very harmonious and have an easy going attitude towards life. The best color for them is Blue as it symbolizes harmony and balance in all spheres of life. Although Librans love Black, they can also play around with plain colors and symmetrical patterns.


#8 Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

The bewitching zodiac sign Scorpio is famous for its grit determination, sexy looks, and deep beautiful eyes. The most appealing color to a Scorpio is Purple as it harmonizes well with the temperament of Scorpio which adorns a hint of magic and mystery. Apart from purple, maroon, bottle green and red flair well with the personality. Famous for bold overtones, intense mood and changing states of mind, pale shade does not do justice with Scorpio.


#9 Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20)

A quiet sign, Sagittarius loves traveling and relaxing in a peaceful environment! The color most suitable to their temperament is Yellow as it symbolizes chastity and happiness. Black has a negative effect on a Scorpio while white can have a soothing effect. Not all shades of blue can do wonders to this sign. For high energy, red is the optimum color.


#10 Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 20)

Capricorn is marked with shyness, seriousness, and contemplation. Ruled by the stern Saturn, Capricorn loves stark combinations in black and white. The luckiest color for them is Black. Other colors that highlight Capricorn’s love for tradition and conventions are indigo, gray, brown and khaki. Although they rarely wear red, it suits them well. Wish to make Capricorns go bananas, gift them something yellow!


#11 Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 18)

Famous for their energy and innovative ideas, An Aquarian rule all that is outlandish and utopian be it fashion, colors or ideas of people. The best color for their temperament is Turquoise as it blends well and acts as stress relievers while calming the mind. Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is very witty and clever creatures. Just one color never pleases an Aquarian. They go for contrasts, mixtures, and streaks.


#12 Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are very sweet, gentle and sensitive people who love life with all its glory and tragedy. They are always cheerful and are very optimistic lot. A mystical sign ruled by Jupiter, the color which suits Pisces best is Yellow as it signifies optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness in life. They also prefer light shades like lilac, white, and lavender.


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