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October 8, 2016

Woman in White: Can I Hitch a Ride?

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Woman in White

You have heard about it, or probably even recited it – the conventional horror story of a lady, dressed in white, with her long hair left open. She appears in spirit-form and waits on abandoned roads, in the middle of the night, ready to shriek the living lights out of you. But is this stereotype true?
A woman dressed in a white sari waits the Sadar Bazaar area of Delhi Cantonment, seeking help to reach home. Many have witnessed this woman trying to get a lift from a kind passer-by, at night. If you do not stop your car for her, you will see her dash at neck-breaking speed beside your car, till the end of the cantonment area.
It is rumoured that this lady had been raped and left to die in the forests of Delhi, and she seeks to get home with the help of a kind-hearted traveler. Other rumours say that she was killed in a car accident and the Delhi cantonment now provides refuge to her restless soul, till she extracts the revenge she needs. But no one knows the truth.

Mind giving her a lift the next time you cross by?

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