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July 14, 2016

Some Witty Road Signs on Highways Not To Be Missed

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Witty Road Signs

In case you are also a daredevil like me who likes to travel a lot on the motor able roads you will come across some very witty road signs to add some comedy to your tiring and lengthy journey.

These signs on the highway are supposed to alert drivers but they are so humorous that it is a guarantee that your funny bones will surely be tickled. On the other hand, you must confess that there cannot be a superior way of forewarning you when extensive drives on highways become rather tedious and unfamiliar risk lies ahead.

The road signs were put up by The Border Roads Organization BRO.

#1 There is no other good way to persuade you to drive slow

#2 Is there any other great way of securing you from your nagging wife?

#3 When you have your hands on the wheels you will not be able to concentrate on either activity.

#4 A very funny warning for drivers who drink and drive

#5 It is not possible for a four wheeler to compete with an aircraft

#6 Never be blamed for missing an appointment

#7 Since blood is very precious, do not waste it on highways.

#8 Very funny and crazy

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#9 Don’t you think that driving is very funny and interesting whenever you are greeted on the highways with these witty road signs?

#10 Iowa Department of Transportation Traffic and Safety, also the co-creator of the “Message Monday” jokes on the state’s digital signals, when he shared his favorite messages. “Get your head out of your apps; drive safely” is one of the most well-liked. Such roadway puns have turned out to be a supportable tendency, with more and more states depending on humor to seize drivers’ eyeballs. Iowa is amongst a dozen of such states that at present transmit these kinds of messages.

#11 These road security signs on an isolated Himalayan mountain road have made tourists to laugh – and may have saved their lives as well.

#12 Verses in motion: This signs was found on a mountain pass between the Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh sections.

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