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August 4, 2016

Wings Of Dreams That Saw No Limit – Malala Yousafzai

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“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful”, said Malala, indeed proved Malala.

When the whole was silent about the equal rights for education for child of every country, every religion, every region; one voice emerged from a terror-struck country and brought revolution.

That one voice was of Malala Yousafzai.

She was shot in the head with a bullet of a Taliban gunman in 2012; she fired back with the power of education in the years that followed. The bullet injured her body but the pain was felt worldwide.

One great soul with a much defined purpose, strong belief and faith has inspired many, including me.

She questioned the audacity of the Taliban’s to snatch away her education and stood for the rights for the same in Pakistan, at just the age of 11. As a schoolgirl, she started writing an anonymous blog for BBC Urdu, about the growing influence of the Taliban. Later, when her identity was revealed she wasn’t scared but came out of her shell boldly and became a teenage activist.

How many of us think and praise the girl who stood against the odd and became the youngest Noble Prize receiver in the world and the first one from her country.

The country for which she dreamed of freedom, for the children of whom she craved for education, for the land for which she wanted to bring out the light; she had to leave because of death threats by her protestors.

She didn’t give up on her dreams and went on to be the founder of ‘Malala Fund’ which aims for access to free education of 12 years for girls.

Her awards and achievements are the token of honor and prestige to inspire everyone to stand and support for her purpose.

‘Age is just a number’, everyone said, Malala proved.

Age doesn’t limit you, a firm belief and right direction for your dreams can make you achieve all you desire for. You can’t be like Malala, but you can be one of your types if you not just focus on your dreams but also ensure others can think of dreaming and fulfilling theirs too.

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