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March 6, 2017

Why Our Parents Are The First People We Run To In An Emergency

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When our folks were growing up, they were a lot more sorted at our age, than we were at that age. Most of them were parents at ages we’re still figuring out what we want to do in life. That’s not to say that we should all have children when we’re in our 20s, no. But it’s important to note that at least our parents were capable of thinking about starting families. We can’t even decide what to do for lunch!

This tactical shift in mentality, if I may call it that, comes from one thing that’s changed over the last 20 years – access to information. And this very change has caused us to change our attitudes, which if we’re not careful, will delay our own development.

Unsplash/Ariana Escobar

Unsplash/Ariana Escobar

Back when our parents were growing up, the only form of information they has access to was print. In other words, books, magazines and newspapers. TV was just coming in to the picture, and the variety of shows available were few. Consequently, our parents were more hands-on and practical in their approach to handling situations. But that changed for us. We had the idiot box in abundance, and the internet, and we used these to gain access to more and more information. Voluntarily landing ourselves smack bang in the middle of the problem of complacency.

For every question we had, we found an answer on the internet. Any new growth on the skin? We’ll head to Web MD. Any question about the universe? Maybe some genius will log on to Quora and we’ll be closer to the truth. The internet is wonderful, but it spoilt us silly. And without it, we’re practically dead meat.

Here’s why. The volume of information available to us is infinite. And we’re muddled in a bid to understand how to use it. It’s a bit like the Indian education system – pages and pages of text that we milk, along with little or no knowledge of application. No one’s interested in knowing or learning anymore than they need to.

So what access to information did to us was that it made us complacent in nature. Conversely, our parents had to be physically and mentally involved to get their lives in order. As a result, they are way more hands-on than we’ll ever be.

Unsplash/Juan Galafa

Unsplash/Juan Galafa

So the next time you’re faced with a problem, don’t run to the internet at the drop of a hat. Use that brain of yours, and analyse. You’ll be amazed at the grip you have over your problem.

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