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March 30, 2017

Where Did All the Comics Go?

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archie and friends

We grew up imagining our superheroes defeating the villains and fighting the battles all by themselves. But, are you aware where all your favourite superheroes came from? They were, in fact, born from comic books. As we have grown older, the age of comics also died out. Generations have changed and now cartoons have replaced comic books. We have grown up with Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha, Archie and Asterix & Obelix. The joy of having these cannot be derived from movies or shows. Comics aren’t just books, they are a piece of art that has to be appreciated the way Sheldon Cooper and his gang relishes them. They might enjoy dozens of movies, but at the end, they spend the majority of their time in the “Comic Book Store”. So let me get a little nerdy with you here and give you a recap of all the comics you are missing out on and why you should read them now if you haven’t till date.

#1 Asterix and Obelix

Their stories revolve around a tiny village in the Roman empire that the Roman army has still not been able to conquer as the people living in it, the “Gauls”, possess a magic potion that gives them super human strength and allows them to beat anyone who tries to disrupt their life. The comic takes you on a joyous and hilarious journey with Asterix who is the strongest warrior of the village and Obelix who is comic character as he is one who fell into a cauldron of Magic Potion when he was a baby causing him to have permanent super human strength. The characters of this comic will haunt you even after you have read them a million times over.

#2 Archie and Friends

Following the life of a simple yet loved red-headed boy named Archie who is head over heels in love with the richest and most popular girl, Veronica in their city, Riverdale, along with being in love with his best friend Betty. His hilarious attempts at pleasing both give you pleasant stories to look forward to. Archie and his friends have a band called “The Archies” who are extremely popular thus causing them to have a lot of adventures with Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Jughead and many more. These comics are a perfect example of teenage life and can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

#3 Tintin – Georges Remi/Herge

Enjoy the adventures of a simple boy, Tintin and his adorable dog, Snowy, as they head into a riot of curious criminal cases. Tintin happens to be a Belgian reporter but somehow always manages to get involved in the cases and always comes out of the solved case with a heroic move. These comics have been the favourite for children and adults all over the world causing them to be turned into a movie as well. So there might be something to check out if they are so well spoken of, isn’t there?

#4 Spiderman

What is the back story following Spiderman? A geek who gets superpowers. This might seem like the dream for every geek but Spider is not just Emma Stone and Andre Garfield. There is so much more to Spidey’s story which you can only understand once you have read the comics. The last issue of Spiderman even enjoyed high amounts of sales as it had a little cameo from our favourite president Mr. Barack Obama!

#5 Superman
Did you know your favourite superhero of all times was not created by a famous cartoonist? But instead by a bunch of Jewish kids who were absolutely sick of Hitler and his tyranny. Even though he wasn’t actually American, that has not stopped anyone from loving him just as much and that can be proven by the fact that Superman has never been out of print. It’s either coming out with a new comic, show or a movie. Superman is always moving. So you should grab a comic and read how his legend came into being.

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