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May 24, 2016

What Does Your Perfume Tell About Your Personality?

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You probably have taken years to perfect your personal style and taste. And your dressing style can create a lasting impression about your personality. But the moment you step out of the door, the scent of your perfume can create a powerful impact on people. A perfume can say a lot of your personality and mood. So find your fragrance with these perfume types or take the perfume personality test to know how well your fragrance knows you.

#1 Citrus scents

Citrus scent is one of the popular perfume types. You definitely are very modern in your approach.  You always like to fulfill your commitments. You are always in the forefront of any project and like to lead the world.  Likes to start your day fresh with a new vigor.

perfume types- citrus scents


#2 Floral scents

If you love floral scents then you are a very romantic person by nature. You prefer love letters and note cards over virtual messaging. To you the real essence of perfume is flowers. You are very close to nature. A bit introvert and your manners are very gentle.

perfume types- floral scents


#3 Fruity scents

You probably love beaches and a fun loving creature. A party animal and your friends rely on you to make all the weekend travel plans. Have a carefree attitude and  accept life as it comes. A open- minded person, friendly and  social animal. Also very optimistic by nature.

perfume types- fruity scents


#4 Scents of Chocolates

You are a very sensual person and very romantic by nature. You are very passionate about your hobbies and people find you very attractive and sexy. You love to live larger than life and makes bold statements. In all probability your favorite colors are black, grey and brown. You have a unique air of mystery around you which makes you even more appealing.

perfume types- chocolate scents


#5 Woody scents

You are a nature lover and a spontaneous kind of person. You are probably a fitness freak and  loves to jog early in the morning. You love to start your day very early with a hot cup of tea or coffee, while sitting in your garden or terrace. Your favorite colors are all the earthy tones. Woody scents, is quite a different among all perfume types.

perfume types- woody scents


#6 Musk or Oriental scents

You like to live a very luxurious and extravagant life. You love being classy and elegant. Well a very romantic person and dreams quite a lot.  Lost in your old world. Love being nostalgic about the past. A person who would enjoy drinking neat scotch and smoke a good cigar.



#7 Vanilla

You are a extrovert, lively and energetic kind of person. A party animal. Basically a person who knows how to start a party. Sitting at home in weekends is not your cup of tea.  You love dancing, drinking, meeting new people and mixing with the new environment.

perfume types- vanilla scents


#8 Sandalwood

If you chose sandalwood as your fragrance, then you have a type-A personality that helped you in academics, athletes and your career. Basically a total perfectionist. You have been your biggest critic of your life. But because of having too hard behavior have made you reach where you are now.

perfume types- Sandalwood scents


#9 Sartorialists

Well, the coconut lovers. You are the most stylish and fashionable among all the group members. You have the leadership qualities, who take in charge of everything. Wants everyone attention and loves to take decision on behalf of others. People trust your intuition and taste.

perfume types- Sartorialists


# 10 Linen Scents

You are someone who tend to be confident, intuitive, goal -oriented and always be in control. You enjoy your endurance to the limits. A hardworking person too. Sets tough personal goals.

perfume types- linen scents


#11 Honeysuckle

You are the empathetic, easy-going and well- adjusted kind of person.  Basically a happy go lucky type freak of the group. They create positive vibes in the environment. People normally loves to hangout with them.

perfume types- Honeysuckle


Ready take perfume personality test of your friends?

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