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April 24, 2017

13 Weird Museums Around The World

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Warren Occult Museum

Whenever we think of museums, the first thing that comes to our mind is a big place filled with boring stuff like paintings by famous painters or the crowns and jewelry of erstwhile royals. But the world is a weird place and we are here to virtually journey you to some of the world’s weirdest museums. Yes, there do exist some museums which are unconventional. Here is a list of 13 such weird museums around the world.

#13 The Museum of Bad Art (Brookline and Somerville, Massachusetts, USA)

A privately owned museum, it is dedicated to art which won’t be recognized elsewhere. So the next time you feel bad about your artistic ability, be happy knowing that there is a place where it will be appreciated and recognized. It was founded in 1994 and has about 600 pieces of BAD ART! This is really among the world’s weirdest museums.

Weird Museums: Museum of Bad Art


#12 Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets (New Delhi, India)

India never fails to surprise us and one of the world’s weirdest museums is located in the capital itself. As dirty as it may sound, the museum traces the history of toilets and aims at finding solution to present day sanitation problems using past technologies. With swachh bharat mission is full gear, we do need such weird museums.

Weird Museums: Sulabh Museum


#11 Meguro Parasitological Museum (Tokyo, Japan)

Definitely not something for someone who isn’t fascinated by worms, this weird museum has a collection of different parasites. It is a private research facility founded in 1953 by Dr. Satoru Kamegai. The main highlight of the museum is a 8.8 meter (28 feet) long tapeworm. Weird, isn’t it?

weird museums: meguro parasitological museum


#10 Icelandic Phallological Museum (Reykjavik, Iceland)

While, in India, saying the word ‘penis’ out loud in public invites glares, Iceland has an entire museum dedicated to different kinds of penis. The collection boasts of penis of different land and sea mammals found in Iceland.

weird museums: the icelandic phallological museum


#9 Cancun Underwater Museum (Cancun, Mexico)

Devoted to the art of conservation, this museum has 500 sculptures which are placed in on the ocean bed. All the sculptures are made of material that fish can eat and coral can grow on. This is a non-profit organization which was started in 2009 and has three different galleries submerged deep in the ocean.

Weird Museums: Cancun Underwater Museum

#8 The Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb, Croatia)

Whenever we part from a loved one, we keep an article/item related to them as a memory. This museum takes this idea one step ahead and boasts of exhibits which include personal objects left over from former lovers. This is one of the weird museums that I am not sure I can visit. It will just make me sad and depressed after the visit.

Weird Museums: Museum of Broken Relationships


#7 Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Not a place for the weak-hearted, this museum has a collection of instruments that were earlier used as torture devices. Are you ready to visit this place?

Weird Museums: Torture Instruments Museum


#6 Garbage Museum (Connecticut, United States)

A museum started with a cause, this museum has an operating recycling facility which aims to educate visitors about waste management. The most iconic exhibit was Trash-o-saurus, a dinosaur sculpture made of garbage.

Weird Museums: Garbage Museum


#5 The Momokofu Ando Instant Noodles Museum (Tokyo)

Momokofu Ando is the creator of instant Ramen. The first ramen known as chiken ramen was created in 1958 followed by cup noodles which are now sold in more than 80 countries. The museum is dedicated to Momokofu Ando. Two must visit sections of the museum are instant ramen workshop and noodle factory. Make reservations in advance and make your own and cup noodles.

weird museums: momokofu ando instant ramen museum


#4 Mummy Museum (Mexico)

Guanajuato is a small mining town in Mexico and declared UNESCO Heritage site. In late-nineteenth century, the town had imposed a tax to bury dead bodies. If the families were unable to pay burial tax, then the dead bodies were exhumed. Due to the climatic conditions of the town, these exhumed bodies went through natural mummification process. The museum currently has 59 mummies on display.

Weird Museums: Guanajuato mummy museum

#3 Museum of Enduring Beauty (Malaysia)

While you may think botox and cosmetic surgery are ridiculous but they are nothing compared to extreme measures have been taken by humans in the past. For example, women got stung by bees to get lips plump or women of Kayan tribe wore brass coils to make their neck look long. The museum of enduring beauty is part of People’s museum in Malaysia and is definitely one of the weird museums to visit to see the definition of beauty of the centuries. The museum will definitely challenge your perception of beauty.

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weird museums: museum of enduring beauty

#2 Avanos Hair Museum (Turkey)

The museum was created by Turkish potter, Chez Galip. The museum is located in the basement of Galip’s workshop and has collection of 16,000 hair samples of women. The samples are pinned to the walls and the ceiling of the museum with the name and address of the hair sample owner. The entry to the museum and is free and if you wish even you could leave your hair sample!

weird museums: avanos hair museum


#1 Siriraj Medical Museum (Thailand)

According to me, this is one of the most weird museums in the world. Siriraj Medical Museum or Museum of Dead is not a museum for weak hearts. The museum exhibits dead bodies of criminals and rapists, preserved foetuses and victims of unusual deaths. The photography inside the museum is prohibited and we recommend taking an audio guide

Which one of these weird museums do you plan to visit?

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