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August 2, 2016

Weird Food Etiquette Followed All Around The World

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Ever been scolded for burping on the table or chewing with your mouth wide open? I sure as hell was! Well there are definitely a lot of etiquette you are expected to follow and upon not following them be sure to get a smack on your head by the nearest elder. But trust me, India might have its own etiquette at the table but other countries have some of their own which might just seem extremely odd to you.

Here are ten food etiquette around the world which you probably weren’t aware of :

#1 Burpin’ It Up 

In china if you don’t burp after a good meal it might just be considered rude. So for all those people who know how to fake it, I’m sure you will never offend anyone in China!

#2 The Labour of Eating 

People in Thailand don’t really put the fork in their mouth. Instead they use the fork to put it on the spoon and then eat it. Sound like a lot of work!

#3 Seriously, French Fries?! 

When was the last time your parents asked you to eat Tandoori Chicken with a spoon and fork? Sounds weird right? Not for the people in Chile who don’t even eat French Fries with bare hands!

#4 Peter, Peter, Noisy Eater! 

I’ve been scolded very often for being a noisy eater when it comes to soupy noodles. But there are places in Asia where this will actually be considered polite.

#5 Leaving Crumbs is A-OK !

The constant struggle to finish everything on the plate is real sometimes but in some cultures such as in places like Philippines and Egypt, finishing everything on the plate will mean that the host hasn’t fed you enough.

#6 Fart Away, My Friend… 

This is interesting! The Inuit people of Canada are expected to FART after a good meal This will mean that they enjoyed it thoroughly.

#7 Cheese No More 

You might ask Dominoes for extra cheese on your pizza but in Italy this just might not end up on a good note as people there don’t consider it polite to ask for more cheese. You are expected to be happy with whatever you have on your plate.

#8 Salt: Not to Taste 

Don’t ask for Salt and Pepper if it isn’t already present on the table in Portugal, the chef will take serious offense and doubt his cooking abilities.

#9 Being On Time? Don’t You Dare! 

While being late for dinner in India might just give you angry stares but in Tanzania if you show up on time it is considered rude as you are expected to turn up 15-30 minutes late.

#10 No Tip Jar?! 

And finally you can save money when you go to Japan as tipping is considered extremely rude there.

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