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October 20, 2016

13 Weekend Destinations Around Kolkata

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weekend destinations around kolkata: shanti niketan

Situated in the northeastern part of the country, West Bengal is located between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal and is the entryway to the eastern India. The former capital of India, Kolkata is known as the state’s existing capital city. Known for its art and culture, West Bengal is rich in scenic beauty as well. If you are planning to visit Kolkata soon. Then you must  plan to visit these 15 weekend destinations around Kolkata.

#1 Bishnupur

A thousand-year-old town of West Bengal is located in the Bankura district. It is one of the best weekend destinations around Kolkata to visit. The town is situated at a distance of 132kms from the state capital- Kolkata. Bishnupur is recognized as the Terracotta Temple Town of Eastern India. The name ‘Bishnupur’ has been derived from the name of the Hindu god ‘Lord Vishnu’. It is a town that includes beautiful ancient architectures, portraying its golden past.

With a list of temples across the town, the other attractions that are an eye-catching are; Damadan Cannon, Stone Chariot, Main-Stone Gateway, Bishnupur Museum, Joypur Reserve Forest, Laal Bandh, Krishna Bandh, Jamuna Bandh and Kalindi Bandh Water Tanks.

weekend destinations around kolkata- bishnupur


#2 Shantiniketan

A famous and popular weekend getaway, located at the Bolpur town in the Birbhum district of Bengal. Shantiniketan, also known as the place where ‘Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore’ had penned down many of his literary classics while his stay. He also founded the renowned “Shantiniketan Ashram” and “Vishwa-Bharti University”. Here, the Prime Minister of India has been designated as the Chancellor of the university.  You should also visit Kankalitala Temple, and the Vishwa-Bharti University complex when you are on a tour to know Bengal’s history.

weekend destinations around kolkata- shantiniketan


#3 Jayanti

Perfect for a weekend getaway with friends, Jayanti, is a river forming a natural border within the Bhutan Hills. It is alongside a beautiful forest that is  known as “Queen of Dooars”. The Buxa Reserve Forest of Jayanti is a house to many wild animals and birds. Other main attractions of Jayanti are the “Pokhri”, a sacred pond on the hill top, the “Buxa Fort”, one of the oldest forts that guard the 11 routes to Bhutan, and the “Mahakal Caves”, a pilgrimage site for the visitors to worship Lord Shiva. This is a great place for visitors to go on a trek and for individuals who love to travel and explore the picturesque nature.

weekend destinations around kolkata- jayanti


#4 Murshidabad

Lying on both sides of Bhagirathi River, the former capital of Bengal is named  after the Nawab “Murshid Quli Khan”. This town rejuvenates the memories of the Nawabs and their creations in the form of tombs, mosques, gardens, and palaces. Murshidabad covers many chapters in the history of Bengal. The town has many places for tourists to visit to take beautiful memories with them. You can go on a  road trip with friends to reach this weekend getaway destination!

weekend destinations around kolkata- murshidabad


#5 Chandipur

Chandipur is considered the soul of weekend destinations around Kolkata. A peaceful sea side retreat for the tourist in Kolkata. It is located in Baleswar District Of Odissa. This beach is the eye- catching spot for the tourists. And it turns as heaven during the time of ebb tide. Such natural places always leaves the footprint in once heart.

weekend destinations around kolkata- Chandipur


#6 Rasikbil

Rasikbil is located in Coochbehar district of West Bengal. It is one of the peaceful places to visit near Kolkata. It is home to variety of wild flowers and exotic species of Fauna. Rasikbil is surrounded by three forests- Atasmochar, Nugurhaat and Bochamari. The lake in the center of the forest adds to its beauty. The Deer park, crocodile rehabilitation, leopard house, python house, tortoise house are couple of places which together make Rasikbil, a remarkable place to visit.

weekend destinations around kolkata- rasikbil


#7 Bakkhali

Looking for a break? Bakkhali is a perfect weekend destination around Kolkata to de-stress yourself. The windmill of Frasergunj and crocodile propagation centre are the major attractions of Bakkhali.  You can enjoy your walk at the beach and can also take blessings from Bonbibi.

weekend destinations around kolkata- bakkhali


#8 Duarsini

Duarsini is considered the Wild Beauty of Holiday destinations near Kolkata. The place is yet to be disturbed by multi-storey buildings and car pollution. Take a walk along the river Satgudam or visit one of the tribal villages.

weekend destinations around kolkata- duarsini


#9 Mukutmanipur

Mukutmanipur is a quiet town located in the Bankura district of West Bengal. It is home to second biggest dam in India and deer park. The town itself does not have much to offer but the serene location makes it a popular tourist destination.

weekend destinations around kolkata- Mukutmanipur


#10 Sajnekhali

Sajnekhali is home of Royal Bengal Tiger. Located amidst Sunderbans, Sajnekhali is perfect weekend getaway for nature lovers and adventurers. Stay at Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge and don’t forget to visit Crocodile breeding farm and Halliday island. You may also take a jetty and explore other parts of Sunderbans.

weekend destinations around kolkata- sajnekhali


#11 Mayapur

One of the popular weekend destinations around Kolkata, Mayapur is known for its ISKCON temple. The town is located between the river Hoogly and river Jalangi. Perfect weekend getaway for soul searching.

weekend destinations around kolkata- mayapur


#12 Krishnanagar

Krishnanagar is situated in the southern bank of Jalangi River in Nadia district of Bengal. It is one of the historical town ruled by Raja Krishna Chandra. Krishnanagar Rabri (palace) adds to its glory. The place is quite popular for its clay idols and Roman Catholic church.

weekend destinations around kolkata- krishnanagar rajbari


#13 Roopark Village, Balasore

Looking for an all-inclusive resort to unwind yourself? Roopark Village is the perfect destination to untangle yourself. The only ECO-friendly resort in Orissa is about 6 hours away from Kolkata. You could visit Panchalingeshwar temple or go for jungle hiking.

weekend destinations around kolkata-Roopark Village


We hope you plan a longer trip to Kolkata next and try and visit some of these weekend destinations around Kolkata. Have we missed a weekend getaway?

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