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April 12, 2017

Watch out for the 5 Most Underrated TV Shows

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5 most underrated tv shows

We all have met someone whose talent seems so splendid that we spontaneously blurt out- “You must be famous!” On the other hand, there are folks who are never in the spotlight despite their amazing talent. Well it applies to the small screen as well. There are a few American TV series which despite having great plot and actors die a silent death without entering into the limelight and haven’t received the due credit. Call it their hard luck or something else, no one can clearly point out the reason for being underrated. But there is no doubt that these series deserve spotlight! So, here are the 5 most underrated TV shows that you must watch!

#1 Once Upon A Time

Rising in popularity, Once Upon A Time is a silver screen treat for anyone who loves the Disney characters. Right from the traditional prince and princess; Snow White, Cinderella, Frozen’s  Ana and Elsa are also out there in the series. This American TV series transports you to the magical lands and makes you believe that magic does exist in the world.

Underrated TV Shows: Once Upon a Time

#2 Forever

Striving hard to get its season two, it would be a shame not to mention Forever. It is a series regarding an immortal man who is a young :p,  handsome doctor saving people’s life, who wants to get rid of his life, ironically. The gripping plot and the doctors dedicated quest to find answers to his questions makes the show worth a watch.  In the United States, television critics gave Forever mixed reviews, with critics divided over the series’ similarity to other crime dramas and the series’ premise. In contrast, voters in several online polls ranked the series as one of the best of the television season.

Underrated TV Shows: Forever

#3 Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley gives you a hang of what all this start- up culture is and presents it in a funny and interesting manner. A shout out to all the wanna- be entrepreneurs and already entrepreneur-ed people, this American TV series is a must watch. This is a story of six men who start their entrepreneurial journey with a funny nudge. Despite an interesting plot, it has always remained one of the underrated TV shows of present day and haven’t received due credit for its plot.

Underrated TV Shows: Silicon Valley

#4 The Last Man on Earth

Just as the name suggests, this series is all about the last living man on earth. Wrapped in comedy, it showcases his quest to find someone alive. Its less popularity can be accounted to the fact that it is a dark- humor based comedy in an almost empty world, which means small cast for the show.  Yet, the story-line of ‘The Last Man on Earth’ is pretty cool and is a must watch.

Underrated TV Shows: Last Man

#5 Vice Principals

A comedy filled series, Vice Principals is a story of two VPs that strive hard to remove their school Principal with whom they are fed up. With a totally different concept and original idea, this American TV series can climb the rating charts but has doomed to be one of the underrated TV shows.

Underrated TV Shows: Vice Principals

Which of the above would you label as the most underrated TV shows and lack the due credit, do comment below!

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