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August 8, 2016

11 Warning Signs of Nutrition Deficiency

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nutrition deficiency

We cannot survive without consuming food.  But eating right proportion of nutritious food is what we need. Nutritious food gives essential macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients to survive. We all are affected by diseases due to inadequate nutrients. When one doesn’t get sufficient nutrients, he/she is said be suffering from nutrition deficiency or can say that he/she is suffering from lack of nutrition. So what are the signs of inadequate nutrition?

#1 Anemia

 One’s red blood cells count should be within the normal range. If it is extremely below the normal range, then it leads to anemia. Anemia is common among poor people but others could also be affected if they ignore early signs of anemia. Abnormal paleness is the first sign of anemia. Pregnant women should be careful about this alarming issue and consult with their doctor. Immediate treatment of this disease is important to treat nutrient deficiency.

nutrition deficiency:anemia


#2 Fatigue

If you do not treat anemia then it causes fatigue. Other than anemia, thyroid issues and depression may also be one of the reasons for fatigue. Children may not be able to concentrate on their studies and adults properly if not treated this issue on time.

nutrition deficiency:fatigue


#3 Dry Hair and Hair Loss Issues

 If your hair look extremely dry even after you take care of your hair, then it may be due to inadequate nutrition. If you are facing hair loss issues, then it will be due to the deficiency of protein, iron and other essential nutrients. Consult your doctor immediately to avoid hair loss. 

nutrition deficiency:dry hair and hair loss issues


#4 Your Nail is an Indicator

 Yes, the current status of one’s health can be indicated by one’s nails. Pale and spoon shaped nails are an indication of iron deficiency. One can recover from iron deficiency either by taking iron pills or by consuming iron rich foods like oysters, liver etc.

nutrition deficiency:your nail is an indicator


#5 Mouth and Tongue Issues

If you have inflammations in mouth or if you have an abnormal pale tongue, then it could be due to the deficiency of vitamin B2 and iron. Extremely low level of these vitamins can even cause irritation in mouth.

nutrition deficiency:mouth and tongue issues


#6 Chronic Diarrhea         

If your body is not able to absorb essential nutrients, then it can lead to cause chronic diarrhea.  Consuming some drugs and alcohol will affect the body and it is also a reason for mal-absorption.

nutrition deficiency:chronic diarrhea


 #7 Depression and Memory Loss

Frequent mood changes, a sense of irritation,getting irritated with even the slightest things is one of the symptoms of depression. It is a sign that you need more nutrients. Inadequate nutrients can also cause memory loss. If these symptoms are more frequently noticed in children, then it is an alarming issue.

nutrition deficiency:Depression and memory loss


#8 Chronic Lack of Appetite

Nutrition deficiency makes one skips meals and thus leads to disinterest in food because the person doesn’t feel hungry. Lack of essential nutrients leads to lack of appetite in humans. Avoiding food, and that too nutrient rich food is the main reason for all health related issues.

nutrition deficiency:chronic lack of appetite


#9 Sudden Weight Changes

Though weight change is quite normal, an abnormal increase or decrease in weight within a definite period of time, say three months is a warning sign of nutrient deficiency.

nutrition deficiency:sudden weight changes


 #10 Insomnia

Insomnia is always related to hormonal and lifestyle issues. But poor intake of food and inadequate nutrition may also be a reason for insomnia. one should have sufficient level of vitamin B to get a good sleep.

nutrition deficiency:insomnia


#11 Lethargy

If you used to be active once but are now becoming lethargic so much so that you don’t even feel like doing your regular activities; then you need to consult your doctor. Nutrition deficiency could be one of the reasons.

nutrition deficiency:lethargy


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