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September 18, 2015

These Vintage Cocaine Ads Tells A Lot About The 70s

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Vintage Cocaine Ad - those shameless 70s

Have you ever come across Vintage Cocaine Ads or  watched any  film based on cocaine drug abuse in 70s? Or may be , if you’re a fan of American TV shows, you would’ve probably heard of the new Netflix original Narcos. Based on the life of the Colombian king of coke, Pablo Escobar, it takes you through a time in 70s America where cocaine and money would just flow like water. With one in 10 adults using drugs on a regular basis in 1979, the American consumer was shooting an estimated $420 million per week into Pablo’s pockets. With almost everyone using, it became important to distinguish oneself from the next person snorting coke. The ways and means to do this became a status symbol and the paraphernalia market boomed.

Based on the facts provided on the show, some fans got down to look for some of the advertisements between 1976 and 1981 that would shamelessly promote the dangerous drug in magazines, newspapers, and elsewhere. These vintage cocaine ads will definitely send shivers down your spine.

All these adverts, and more were originally posted on The World’s Best Ever

Expensive Products shown in Vintage Cocaine Ad

The blue lady in the Vintage Cocaine Ad

Grass & Coke : Vintage Cocaine Ad

Products of Vintage Cocaine Ad

Provoking youth : Vintage Cocaine Ad

Snowmill Vintage Cocaine Ad

Vintage Cocaine Ad : Be nice to your nose    Gold blades product : Vintage Cocaine Ad

Smoking cocaine : Vintage Cocaine Ad Vintage Cocaine Ad : invitations for cocaine

Vintage Cocaine Ad frost ade kit Vintage Cocaine Ad hot box Vintage Cocaine Ad flake plate Vintage Cocaine Ad creations Do it orally : Vintage Cocaine Ad Vintage Cocaine Ad cocaine spoons Vintage Cocaine Ad snow Vintage Cocaine Ad startling snow Vintage Cocaine Ad : cocaine handbook

Vintage Cocaine Ad of Sterling silver shovelVintage Cocaine Ad nose wash Vintage Cocaine Ad : Cocaine in wood Vintage Cocaine Ad media The magic flue vintage cocaine ad

The seventies motivated the era of bohemian drug addict lifestyle and stylisation of drug use. People were attracted to magazines and newspaper advertisements. Have a look at any Vintage Cocaine Ad, you will see notice how luring the content was! There were dedicated magazines that published content around drug use and addiction.Taglines like ‘Special Cocaine Edition’ gives away a lot.

Luring content of Vintage Cocaine Ads

Disturbing times, weren’t they?

It is no surprise now why 70s was a wild decade and was also known as hippie time. These vintage cocaine ads just prove how screwed up that generation was. Ivory and Gold were being used to manufacture products that supported drug addiction. Market was filled with nose spray that was just making it easy for someone to consume cocaine. While we have come a long way, drugs are still a serious problem.

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