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August 15, 2016

Unknown Mind-Boggling Stories of India’s Partition

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The partition of India into two dominions-India and Pakistan, in 1947 is truly one of the greatest tragedies of human history. Accompanied with massive communal killings, rape and distortion of property, the partition in 1947 left thousands of indelible scars, too brutal to forget! It’s said, “Time heals everything. Give it time.” But the happenings of 1947 in India cannot be forgotten ever and the wounds are still as fresh as they were when the tragedy occurred.  Thousands of books have been written on the partition. Many films have been made related to this event. Umpteen numbers of documentaries have tried bringing the truth to the surface. And yet, there are several incidents which have remained buried under the sand.  Thousands of extremely strong stories related to the Partition in 1947 have failed to see the daylight.

Here’s a list of few mind-numbing stories related to the Partition of India which will leave you dumb-founded:

#1 Radcliffe Line was set without any knowledge of Geography

The Radcliffe line dividing India and Pakistan was made by the British Lawyer, Cyril John Radcliffe who somehow accomplished this daunting task with the help of maps, castes and religions instead of having proper knowledge of Geography. The man arrived just on July 8, 1947 and finalized the boundary within five weeks.

#2 The Partition caused the largest mass migration in human history

The Indian Government estimated a migration of 14.5 million people. However, these are just official statistics. The actual migration was much greater, along with crores of property being lost and left behind.

#3 Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14

Lord Mountbatten personally wished to attend the independence ceremony of both India and Pakistan and hence, the two countries got their independence on separate days. While Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14, India does so on August 15.

#4 The leaders of India were superstitious and hence astrologers were called to decide an appropriate date to declare India’s freedom. Unfortunately the astrologers failed to decide an auspicious date and so the midnight of August 15 was chosen to celebrate India’s freedom from British yoke.

#5 After the Partition, one-third of the Indian army along with forty percent of railway lines was given to Pakistan. It also got 6 major metropolitan cities.

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