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June 22, 2016

Underrated Inks : Stories By Indian Authors You Must Read

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There are authors which are hidden under the tags of ‘Bestsellers’ and we tend to miss out on them. Literature is all about questioning the world around you, it’s a glass or a kaleidoscope which shows you different possibilities and perspectives. And there are Indian Authors who  feed your curiosity of knowledge, and give a guide in perceiving life in a different way. Reading a book, should be living in the story, climbing it and making it your home. It should make you think, in the simplest manner.

So here is the list of  Indian Authors, which remained unnoticed for their works in the field of literature. The ones who are not prostituting it, just for being titled or just to feed our minds with stereotyped versions of love, passion, or ambitions.

#5 Anuja Chauhan

Anuja Chauhan, a writer who is fresh and a pop-star of English Literature. Not something philosophical or serious but her books replete with urban slang, hinglish, strong women and dishy male characters. You laugh with her at the serious absurdities of life. A rough summer afternoon and Those Pricey Thakur Girls or The House That BJ Built might really lighten up your mind. Those Pricey Thakur Girls is a chick-lit, you might face some issues in her writing because though Anuja touches some political and social issues but doesn’t dwell on them. Her work is fictitious, so one must read her to take a break.

Anuja Chauhan

#4 Arundhati Roy

We all know her as the writer of The God Of Small Things but Arudhati’s contribution is a lot more than that, a political activist writing about the truth. Readers often look for heart rendering stories, but what is more gripping and thrilling than knowing reality? A really different genre is put forth by Roy, she talks about things which are actually affecting us. Whether it be Capitalism- A Ghost Story or The Algebra Of Infinite Justice she tends to feed us with the truths of democracy and the futility of war.


#3 Rohinton Mistry

Won Neustadt International Prize for Literature in 2012, his works will drain your heart and leave you asking for more. His book Family Matters, is a strong, old-fashioned novel about modern Bombay telling the story of three generations of a Parsi family. It’s a vast novel in which misery is seeped in. Mistry turns out be an encyclopedic, on the Parsi culture and tradition and his portrayal of Indian attitudes reflect similarity with reality.

Rohinton Mistry

#2 Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh was born in Calcutta and grew up in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. With so much circling around, his works have the essence of place. When one reads Ghosh, one doesn’t only imagine the story but also the place. It’s a journey towards the secrets of that place. It simply transcends the feeling of reading and you start living in the plot. The Shadow Lines, it is a book that captures perspective of time and events, of lines that bring people together and hold them. Another novel of Ghosh, The Calcutta Chromosome again story which is hard to define, a story which jumps back and forth in time and place and is beautifully bidden by the three characters. A mystery thriller, with the pinch of fiction.

Amitav Ghosh

#1 Aravind Adiga 

The author of The White Tiger , and winner of the Man Booker Prize 2008 is an Indian-Australian writer and journalist. The novel studies the contrast between India’s rise as a modern global economy and the lead character, Balram, who comes from crushing rural poverty. His work is self mocking, and without illusions. We actually see the reality which exist, things which we try to escape stand right in front of us . Some other great works of Adiga are Between the Assassinations  and short stories like The Sultan’s Battery and Smack.  A straightforward writer presenting the truth and a curiosity to find your own truth.

Arvind Adiga

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