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August 27, 2017

Undercut Tattoo : To Spice up your Hair!

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Tattoos are always in. But now the trend is changing; Undercut tattoo or undercut hairstyle is in and it does not require you to get inked. Undercut tattoo is a type of hairdo where certain shapes are made with the help of shaving. The best part is you may flaunt the tattoo when you want and cover it with your mane when you would like to.

You could either get the tattoo done on one side of your head or nape. Your stylist will be the best judge and will recommend what suits you. You could add the extra zing by adding funky colors to your tattoo. The average cost of getting an undercut tattoo is between INR 500-1000 but just be sure you are comfortable with the pattern and the stylist. Men and women can both for undercut hairstyle and the trend is not gender specific.

Just to give you some inspiration, we have curated undercut hairstyles for men and women. Choose your style and look trendy this fall :).


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Featured Image Source: http://www.haircutweb.com

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