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October 31, 2016

Uncontacted and Untouched Tribe – Mashco Piro

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In these days of technological advance, it is very difficult to picture that there are even now a few concealed pockets of the world remaining. It looks like as if each and every tree has been considered, every animal has been named and no mountain has been left unclimbed. And still, concealed deep in the Amazon, high up on the mountains or even in the wilds of Siberia one can find a few lost civilizations and forest tribes that even now live detached and remote from the contemporary world.

But of late, members from a prehistoric forest tribe started coming out beside a popular Peruvian river. It is here that they depicted a special attraction with machetes as well as metal cooking pots. They were none other than the members of the Mashco Piro tribe, an Amazon tropical forest tribe that had till today lived in separation for centuries. The government of Peru at first tried to shelter the Mashco Piro tribe from contact to the outer world by not allowing inquisitive anthropologists or avaricious developers’ entrée to the area. But of late – endangered by 21st century lumbering, drugs combines and sightseeing – the seldom seen aboriginal tribe have broken cover from the jungle to attack villages for food, tools as well as weapons to hunt. Anthropologists are of the opinion that the attraction towards modern tools has tempted them to come closer to modern civilization.



Mashco Piro has collided during the past with lumberjacks, poachers as well as drug vendors who intruded their forest enclaves. The anthropologists are of the opinion that the attraction of present tools is now alluring them nearer than ever to distant villages as well as tourist camps.

The men sport long hair while women sport cropped hair cut. The tribe verbalizes a dialect of the Piro language. “Mashco” is a word which was initially used by Padre Biedma in 1687 which referred the Harakmbut people. It is believed an insulting term, because it means “savages” in the Piro language; and thus the name “Nomole” is applied.

Unlike few other tribes like Sentihelese tribe which does not want any outside contact, Mashco Piro is more visible and are coming out of seclusion.

Featured Image Source – http://www.vigiljournal.com

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