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June 29, 2017

9 Twisted Pokemon Fan Theories That Might be True

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Unless you have been living under a rock or are not a part of Gen X, Pokemon has been a part of your childhood. You’ve worn a cap like Ash did or have used the pickup lines used by Brock in real life. When you grew up, you thought you had left your Pokemon love behind, but Pokemon Go proved you wrong. Undeniably, Pokemon is the first and everlasting reminder of your childhood. But what if this sweet world could be plagued with dark secrets?

#1 Set in post nuclear war era

The origins of Pokemon and the Poke-universe have always been a hot topic for fans. One of the origin theory states that the Pokemon universe was raged with a nuclear war and the world we see is its aftermath. Exposure to the nuclear radiation might have changed animals like rats, lizards to Pikachu, Charmander etc. This theory also explains the absence of middle-aged men (Ash’s father), they died fighting the war.



#2 Cubones are baby Kangaskhan

Another dark fan theory is the one which draws a connection between Kangaskhan and Cubone. Kangaskhan is a female only species, who has a kangaroo-like pouch to keep her baby. What if the mother Kangaskhan dies and the baby Kangaskhan, now all alone, decides to wear his mother’s skull. The idea is supported by the many visual resemblances between a Cubone and baby Kangaskhan.



#3 Gengar is Clefable’s Shadow

Gengar is known as Shadow Pokemon, but what is it a shadow of? One look at Clefable and Gengar is all you need to accept this theory. The physical similarities between the two are striking.



#4 Weezing was created through human experiments

Ever had a close look at a Koffing or Weezing? The skulls and bones symbol, usually used as a hazard symbol that warns of danger, especially one related to danger, is quite evident on both the Pokemon. Guess which type of Pokemon are Koffing and Weezing? Poison-type.  Clearly, Weezing is a chemical experiment gone wrong. The faces of Weezing are frowning, maybe to show constant pain that the experiments left it with. Also, who used Koffing/Wheezing as a primary Pokemon? James, from Team Rocket, a crime syndicate known to have cloning technology.



#5 Voltrob is a Pokeball possessed by Haunter

Yet another fan theory that revolves around Haunter. The theory proposes that Voltrob is nothing but a Haunter who is trapped in a Pokeball and is unable to escape. This explains why Voltrob and Haunter have same eyes. Haunter can’t escape as the button is broken and hence, vents his frustration by constantly exploding.


#6 Ash is in coma

The series has been running for more than 2 decades and yet somehow Ash hasn’t aged a bit; he is still 10 years old. Fans have put forth a theory to explain this: None of Ash’s adventures are true. The accident with the bike in the initial episodes put Ash in a coma and he dreams up his adventures to fulfill his desires. Now, this is one gloomy fan theory.



#7 Venomoth –  Butterfree switch

One look at the evolution cycles of Venomoth and Butterfree is all that is needed to validate this theory. Venonat is just a fuzzy ball version of Butterfree. Though the similarities between Venomoth and Caterpie/Metapod are not those obvious, the similarities are still visible. The theory suggests that before the launch, the designs of the two got interchanged, and the mistake was realized after the release. But instead of rectifying it, the mistake was covered up and Venomoth became Butterfree and Butterfree became Venomoth.



#8 Wobbuffet’s true body

If Misty had Psyduck to annoy her, Jessie had Wobbuffet. Turns out, Wobbuffet wasn’t just annoying; he was creepy as well. If we were to believe the fan theory, the blue body we assume to be Wobbuffet is actually a decoy, the actual Wobbuffet is the tail. Ever noticed how the tail has eyes and that Wobbuffet is too protective of his tail? Futher proof can be found in the fact that Wobbuffet can take a lot of beating.



#9 Ash is a Time Lord

This fan theory is unarguably my favourite as it is a crossover between Pokemon and Doctor Who. This theory proposes that Ash isn’t human, he is a Time Lord. This explains the non-aging of Ash and the reason why Ash is able to bear all those life-threatening injuries without any long-term repercussions.



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