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February 28, 2018

10 TV Shows Every GOT Fan Must Watch

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TV Shows like Game of Thrones Series

Are you tired waiting for the Game of Thrones finale? Yes, I understand your pain as I am in the same boat and can’t wait for 2019! But I also have a solution for all GOT fans. The best way to kill anxiety is by watching TV shows like Game of Thrones.

What do we all love most about the Game of Thrones TV series? It is the twists and turns and how we never what is going to happen next. The show is unpredictable yet captivating. The historic element adds a certain level excitement. While, I agree Game of Thrones is epic in it’s own way; there are TV shows like Game of Thrones that you can enjoy.

We bring you a list of 10 shows to watch while waiting for Game of Thrones finale.

#1 Vikings

Vikings is the series that tops my list. When I watched its trailers; I knew it is one of the TV shows like Game of Thrones. The show is gory and unpredictable. The set up is amazing and the actors are simply mind blowing.

The Vikings is inspired by the warrior turned farmer Ragnar Lothbrok. The initial episodes of the TV series sets up the plot and the characters are introduced. This historical drama will give you a glimpse of the Viking age.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: Vikings


#2 Rome

Set in 1st century, this historical drama will give you a glimpse of Ancient Rome. The series only ran for two seasons and was cancelled (the reason: it was an expensive TV series). The first season focuses on Julius Caesar and second season focused on the first emperor of Rome, Augustus. The good thing about Rome is that you don’t have to wait for another season to premiere but the con is that you will be left wanting for more.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: Rome


#3 Black Sails

This series is a prequel of the novel ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. Black Sails ran successfully for 4 seasons and was set during the The Golden Age of Piracy.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: Black Sails


#4 The Tudors

Do you miss Margery (Natalie Dormer) from Game of Thrones? I, personally, loved her attitude and felt she died too soon on the show.

Watch The Tudors where Natalie plays Anne Boleyn. The Tudors focuses on the life King Henry VIII of England (well-known for his six marriages) who openly rebukes the Catholic Church to marry Anne Boleyn.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: The Tudors


#5 Spartacus

There is so much action in this show that you will find yourself watching without blinking. Spartacus is separated from his love and country and forced into slavery. Based on the real-life events, Spartacus is a tale of one of the greatest gladiator of the history.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: Spartacus


#6 The Bastard Executioner

This series is about a knight who sees the result of his actions and vows to put down his sword for good. But when violence raises its ugly head, the knight is forced to take the sword.

This medieval themed show was canceled after the season 1 which had 10 episodes. However, for people who are looking for TV shows like Game of Thrones, this is a must watch.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: Bastard Executioner


#7 The Last Kingdom

What do I say about The Last Kingdom? In this show, each actor is brilliant, and every character does justice to the role given. This series fills the gap that Game of Thrones TV series have left in our hearts.

The last kingdom is the based on the first novel in the Saxon Stories. The series follows the story of a boy named ‘Uhtred’ who is the real successor of Saxon is captured and raised by Danes. After many years, Uhtred’s loyalty is put to a test. Will he pass or fail?

TV Shows like Game of Thrones - The Last Kingdom


#8 The Borgias

Sex, power, murder, amen that’s what this historic scandalous fiction is all about.

This show is about how Rodrigo Borgia will not tolerate anything or rather anyone in his way of power. He conspires his sons and seductive daughters and uses them as a ladder to gain power and wealth.

TV Shows Like Game of Thrones - The Borgias

#9 Da Vinci’s Demons

This is an extremely brilliant but very under-rated series. Leonardo Da Vinci is known as a sculptor, inventor and artist. But this series portrays him as a ladies’ man, swordsperson and an adventurer.

If you are looking for historically accurate drama, this is the wrong place. But if you are looking for TV shows like Game of Thrones, Da Vincis Demons is the show you have to watch.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: Da Vinci's Demons


#10 The White Queen

The Kingmaker and manipulator Lord Warwick crowns Young Edward IV the king of England. The young king falls in love with a widowed commoner and marries her against everyone’s will. The Kingmaker tries his best to void the marriage so that he could get Edward marry a royal female. But the King recognizes the commoner as his queen and the plot and twists begins.

I would recommend this as one of the shows to watch like Game of Thrones.

TV Shows like Game of Thrones: The White Queen


I am done with my hunt for TV shows like Game of Thrones after compiling this list of 16 shows. Go ahead and watch them. If you feel I missed any show, or if you have any other list you would like to share, do feel free to share in the comments.

I am sure by now you have plenty of shows to watch while waiting for Game of Thrones. Enjoy guys.

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