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February 23, 2017

Try These13 Yoga Asanas To Lose Belly Fat In One Month

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We all want to lose weight and live a healthy life. Going to gym is one solution but gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. While certain exercises can help us give desired results; getting rid of belly fat is a challenge. You also need to make sure that you use the equipments the right way to avoid any injury. One of the healthiest ways to lose belly fat is Yoga. Yoga can help tone muscles, stay calm and lose belly fat. Try these tested and proven yoga asanas for tummy to reduce belly fat in one month.

#1 Pawanmuktasana

This is one of the easiest poses or asanas that you can do. Hold on to above position as long as you can and then take a break. Repeat 3-5 times. This asana is also a great solution for people with digestion related problems.

yoga asanas- pavanmuktasana

#2 Dhanurasana

This asana focuses on the strength of your spinal cord. The exercise can help reduce cramps.

yoga asanas- Dhanurasana

#3 Virbhadrasana

There are many forms of this asana that can be practiced when your body is ready for an increased difficulty level. The basic form of this asana is suitable for beginners. Repeat it as many times as you’re comfortable, on both sides one by one. You’ll see an improvement in your abs, legs and hands.

yoga asanas- virbhadrasana

#4 Paschimottanasana

This forward bend pose puts considerable amount of pressure on one’s abdomen area and proves to be a great option for toning and weight loss. Repeat this as per your capacity and hold it for as long as your body can allow.

yoga asanas- paschimottanasana

#5 Naukasana

This boat like pose is one of the best yoga poses that can help you lose belly fat. This asana is very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes as it helps in maintaining sugar levels in the body. It also improves blood circulation and functioning of kidney.

yoga asanas- naukasana-steps

#6 Vasisthasana

This side plank pose is great for losing fat quickly and increasing body strength. It improves the strength and endurance of all the involved body parts that helps melt fat.

 yoga asanas- Vasisthasana

#7 Utkatasana

This is a perfect asana to strengthen the muscles of abdomen, thigh, & buttocks and to remove the fat. One can choose the duration, repetition and levels of difficulty from the three poses as shown in the picture and then proceed accordingly.

yoga asanas- Utkatasana

#8 Padahastasana

This stand and bend forward position puts a lot of pressure on your stomach, thus proving to be very helpful for losing the belly fat. One can repeat this pose for 7-10 times and hold for as long as the body allows. It gives a nice stretch in the back of the legs and improves flexibility.

yoga asanas- padahastasana

#9 Sarvangasana

This is one of the poses on the difficult side, but is very effective for those who want to get rid of the flab on the stomach. Try to repeat as many times as you can to attain perfection in this pose and see visible change.

yoga asanas- Sarvangasana

#10 Surya Namaskar – One of the Well-Known Yoga Asanas

There are 12 positions in surya namaskar and each of these has a particular benefit to the body. For those who want an overall development with most focus on the belly region, this is a great option. Surya Namaskar has added benefits if done at the right time, and is a complete exercise for the body.

yoga asanas- Surya-Namaskar

#11 Tadasana

Stand with flat feet, keep the spine erect with hands on both the sides and palms facing the body. Inhale deeply, stretch your spine. Raising your folded hands up above your head, stretch as much as you can. Hold that pose for 20-30 seconds. Inhale deeply  and while exhaling slowly relax and bring your feet down. Repeat this yoga asana for 10 times.

Yoga asanas- tadasana

#12 Ushtrasana

Sit with knees fold, your feet should make perpendicular line with floor. Exhale deeply and arch your back. Bring your hands behind your body and try to hold your ankle one by one. Stretch backwards until your belly experience a stretch. Hold the posture for 20 seconds. Repeat this  yoga asanas 5 times. It is also use as a cure for migraine and insomnia.

yoga asanas- Ushtrasana

#13 Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is known as (Cobra Pose). This yoga asana give your abdomen a good stretch. Helps in strengthening your back muscles. This yoga asana is worth trying.

Yoga asanas- Bhujangasana

Please note: Join yoga classes to learn how to these yoga asanas correctly. It is extremely important to make sure that your posture is correct when practicing these yoga asanas.

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