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July 20, 2016

#TripuraTrippin’ : Explore Amazing Places And Shopping Attractions!

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The bedewed sceneries, lush green valleys, and massive hill locks are the things that we search when we are in need of an ideal getaway. Tripura is no doubt a dream destination for nature lovers who look for huge waterfalls and enormous mountains. The state is rich in culture and its monuments as well as heritage sites reflects this. It is one of the 7 Sister States in North- East India. In case you need to get an Animal Planet-ish experience, the wildlife will provide you with a spooky adventure:

#1 Agartala
Rich in natural beauty and home of several tribes, Agartala is the first alternative destination for the ones who visit Tripura. Agartala is well known for attractive palaces, memorials, temples in addition to handiworks. It has a wealthy history as well. The memorials of Agartala reflect the magnificent past of this city.

#2 Jampui Hills
Jampui Hills is the top range of hills lying at an altitude of 3000 feet above the sea level, and is an important tourist spot in the state of Tripura. The hill top offers astounding views of the gorgeous valleys. Orange Tourism Festival is an event that is celebrated every year in the month of November.

#3 Udaipur
Situated at a distance of 55kms away from Agartala, Udaipur is the 3rd largest city in Tripura. It lies on the banks of Gomati River. The city is lovingly and famously referred to as the Lake City. The beautiful temples and the historic sites attract a great number of tourists.

#4 Ambassa
Similar to the other top destinations of Tripura, Ambassa is also a very beautiful city. The city is very famous for its ancient temples. The charming setting as well as the rich customs of the city makes it one among the most leading attractions of Tripura.

#5 Neermahal
A good combo of Hindu and Mughal architecture can be seen on the domes of this palace. You will find two major parts of the palace. There are mainly two parts of the palace – Andar Mahal is on the western side and was used by the regal family and another one used by the security personnel and servants on the eastern side. This palace is the 2nd biggest of its kind in India. It is also known as ‘Lake Palace’ of Tripura. This Neer Mahal was built as a summer dwelling. It is situated 53 kms away from Agartala.

#6 Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
The Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the farthest down the south eastern part of Tripura. The sanctuary is well-known for its Bison, Sambar, Barking deer and elephants. The sanctuary covers 390 sq.kms of area. The Gumti wildlife Sanctuary is open all days from January to December.

***Shopping in Tripura***
You will find quite a lot of alternative which you can consider when you go for shopping in the markets of Tripura. Tripura is very famous for Woven fabrics, furniture, panels for walls, cane room dividers, table mats, floor mats and bamboo.

Featured Image Source: www.mynortheastindia.com

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