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March 27, 2016

Trend Alert: Top 5 trending memes of 2015

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A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. It is derived from the term “Mimeme”, which means to irritate. Nowadays, social networking platforms are flooded with such memes. These are often used to make fun of individuals or give a sarcastic statement on an activity. From movies, actors, politicians, their speeches to troll-face memes, every meme is becoming the face of an individual in the networking market. We jotted down the best trending memes of 2015 just for you all.

Deciding only 5 top memes is just not possible for anyone. But here follows a list of 5 such trending memes that set a good graph on the social networking platforms-

#5 A picture of the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar from his movie Namaste London was a meme that made all of us love our mother language. This meme went viral and created an impact on people who think the Indian language is a language for illiterate people.

trending memes : namastey london

Namastey London is one of the finest movies of Akshay Kumar and one of the favorite movies of this generation. We surely can never get over this scene at all.

#4 The Netflix and chill troll-face meme created a buzz all over

trending memes : netflix and chill

There is a huge fan following of the Netflix and Chill series and this meme also became viral immediately and created a buzz and we listed in on top trending memes of the year.

#3 Donald Trump having his hair flying off like the cover on a corn does. A comparison between the two took it to another level.

trending memes : donald trump

This was another very funny and trending memes of the year and it is so hilarious that we can’t stop laughing every time we see this. Hats Off to whoever thought this first.

#2 The Joker meme questioning the logic about why spending 2500 Crore on a dead man’s statue does not affect anyone but spending 450 Crores on launching a mission mars makes people lose their mind- was a pun(ch) on the politicians’ activities and the way the audience reacts to it.

trending memes: Joker

This was a very active and a social cause kind of meme which was liked by people. Joker is obviously very popular and everyone’s favorite and hence the use of his picture made it too famous, somehow. The topic and the cause it depicted was very relatable and true.

#1 A troll-face meme on Rahul Gandhi and his questionable statements during his rallies in the elections and thereafter has given people a popular topic to laugh at. #PappuSoDuffer

pappu so duffer: trending memes

Google already a nickname for Rahul Gandhi and it is Pappu and over them, the comments which Rahul made during his rally, made him prone to such memes. Rahul can also be considered as the king of memes in India. Here is one another for him.

These were the most trending memes of the year. Some are hilarious, some are socially acceptable and some are patriotic. We listed all the five famous memes here to refresh your mind, in case if you have forgotten.

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