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January 15, 2017

Top 11 Romantic Korean Dramas To Watch

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romantic korean dramas

Rom-com is one of the most popular genres among the young people. And when it comes to romantic comedies, nothing can beat Korean dramas (aka k dramas). Romantic Korean dramas are a perfect blend of romance, comedy and cuteness. If you are a sucker for romantic dramas then you have landed on the right page. We bring top 11 Romantic Korean dramas that every rom-com lover must watch.

#1 She Was Pretty

One of the popular romantic Korean dramas, She Was Pretty is about Kim Hye Jin, the popular girl of the school becomes friend with the chubby bullied kid of the school, Ji Sung Joon. Romance started to bloom in their young minds, but Ji Sung had to move to the USA with his family, leaving Kim’s heartbroken. The story takes a leap of 15 years. Kim is now not as pretty as she was in her high school time as her father’s genetic skin and hair condition kicks in leaving her with frizzy hair and reddish facial scars. And when she gets an email from Sung who wants to meet her, Kim manages to get her attractive friend, Min Ha Ri to meet Sung posing as Kim. Ironically, Kim is transferred to the magazine department, where she finds an extremely handsome Sung as her boss. Will Sung recognize her or she will be successful at hiding her identity?

romantic korean dramas- She Was Pretty

#2 Pinocchio

Remember the story of Pinocchio? His nose used to grow whenever he lied. Now imagine him working as a journalist. Choi In Ha dreams of being a journalist, but she never manages to crack an interview as whenever she lies, she starts hiccupping and a reporter needs to be a smooth liar. However, Choi manages to land a job as a rookie journalist with shabby but smart Choi Dal Po. Teaming up with an affluent heir, Seo Bum Jo, and a fan girl, Cha Hye Seung they try to seek justice. On their journey towards justice, they discover themselves as well. This romantic korean drama series is worth watching.

romantic korean dramas-: Pinocchio

#3 Sassy Go Go

In a school for the affluent kids, Kang Yeon Doo, a poor girl with lower average grades survives because of her dancing talent. She is the captain of Real Kings, the dance club of the school that continuously clashes with White Tigers, the club for academic students and their leader Kim Yeol. However, fate interferes. When both of the clubs are forced to form a cheer leading team together, they had no other way but work together. Will sparks fly between Yeon Doo or Yeol? This korean TV series is refreshing and incredibly cute.

romantic korean dramas- Sassy-Go-Go

#4 Playful Kiss

Clumsy school girl, Oh Ha-ni has a crush on the popular and intelligent classmate, Baek Seung-jo since forever. She gathers enough courage to propose him through letter but is rejected by Seung-jo who has no interest in a girl with poor grades. What can be worse than this? An earthquake hits the city and Oh Ha-ni’s house is destroyed. A friend of her father invites them to live in their house while their house is being reconstructed. Now time for the twist in the story. The friend of her father is also the father of Seung-jo. With new hope and determination, she starts trying to get Seung-jo, and this time, she will leave no stone unturned to impress him.

romantic korean dramas- Playful Kiss

#5 Boys Over Flowers

Scholarship student Geum Jan Di challenges the F4, a group of four rich and popular boys. The leader of the gang, Jun Pyo falls for her energetic and feisty attitude. But Jan Di finds herself falling for another group member, Yoon Ji Hoo. However, Ji Hoo has a model girlfriend. What will be the end of the story? Whose heart will be broken at the end? To know you’ve to watch this rom com series.

romantic korean dramas- Boys over flowers

#6 My Love From The Star

One of the most appreciated Romantic Korean Dramas, My Love From The Star is a perfect k drama. The lead actors, Kim So0-Hyun and Jun Ji -Hyun, chemistry was loved by audience. My love from the star is about professor (originally from space) and his next-door neighbor who is a popular actress. Despite trying not to fall for his neighbor, Jun, Kim ends up falling for her and saving her from the main antagonist Shin Sung-rok.

romantic korean dramas- love from star

#6 The Heirs

The Heirs was a popular romantic drama. It follows a story of a rich boy falling for a poor girl. When the main antagonist falls for the same girl, the protagonist has to choose between the love and responsibility.

romantic korean dramas- The Heirs

#7 Secret Garden

An extremely popular K drama, secret garden follows the story of a CEO and a stunt woman. The story become more magical when the lead pair begin to switch bodies.


#8 Master’s  Sun

Master’s Sun is a Horror/Romantic Korean drama. The drama is about a greedy CEO and a cleaning lady who can see ghosts. With the help of cleaning lady’s power, the protagonist tries to find his dead mother’s diamond necklace.

romantic korean dramas- The Master's Sun

#9 You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful is a South Korean drama which was a remake of a Japanese drama. You’re beautiful is a story of twin – brother and sister and their quest to find their mother.

romantic korean dramas- You Are Beautiful

#10 I Can Hear Your Voice

I Can Hear Your Voice is an interesting K drama that follows the story of a successful lawyer and a high school senior who has ability to read people’s thoughts. Together they solve cases.

romantic korean dramas- I Hear Your Voice

#11 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

An unlikely love story – the 1st shop of coffee prince is about a woman who dresses like a man to pretend to be a gay lover and rich mogul who hires the woman as his companion (unknown to him that she is a woman). The male protagonist falls in love with the girl and begins to question his sexuality.

romantic korean dramas- Coffee Prince

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