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June 5, 2017

Top 5 Funny Blogs-based Books You Cannot Miss Out On

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As many book lovers are turning to the internet for reading e-books and blogs, many publishers are also opting for the World Wide Web to publish books of new authors. It has become a trend for authors to blog their books as it gives them a better scope for exposure. On the other hand readers are also getting benefited as they get reading materials of their choice just with a few clicks on their computers or even smartphones. Books based on blogs also make them more interesting and legible with the use of images. Thus, as this trend has got popularity, the flow of ideas on blogs has also become unremitting. In regard of the above, many funny blogs have also come into being. Let us have a look at the top 5 hilarious blogs turned into books.

#1 You Might be A Zombie and Other Bad News

This funny book first came on People who love murky details and poop jokes can give this from blog to book a try. This book has creepy, thought-provoking theme ranging from the likelihood of a zombie disaster actually happening, to the bizarre amount of insects that people in United States consume daily. It is an entertaining and quirky yet informative book. This one is the funniest blogs to read.

Funny Blogs: You might be a zombie

#2 How To Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You – Among The Most Funny Blogs Based Book

This popular and funny book was published in a hilarious blog created by Mathew Inman in 2009 and it is called The Oatmeal. This one is one of the two books published in the funny blogs which is very popular among webcomic fans. It is a 136 page comic with instructions in turn on how to tame, love and enjoy the company of your cat. It became a best seller with more than half million copies being sold within three months of its print.

 Funny Blogs- How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

#3 Cake Wrecks

Cake Wrecks was published on a popular blog with the same name in 2009. It shows instances of some professional cakes gone awfully wrong while making in a very humorous way. Those who have tried to bake a perfect cake or make a beautiful message on it with icing but failed ridiculously will absolutely relate with this book. This instance is very common but professional cake makers who charge money for such badly baked or decorated cake is what the book makes a comment on.

Funny Blogs-Cake Wrecks

#4 Awkward Family Photos

Among the top funny blogs Awkward Family Photos was the one which is created in 2009 as two childhood friends Mike Bender and Doug Chernack got the idea for the same while looking at a somewhat embarrassing family photo. As soon as the blog was created people started posting their funny family photos to the blog, making it an instant hit. This further gave the team of the blog an offer to publish a book based on the same subject and they did it with success. The book which this blog inspired is amazing and very funny. A sequel to the book also came called Awkward Family Pet Photos.

Funny Blogs- Awkward Family Photos

#5 There I Fixed It (No You Didn’t)

This book depicts the nature of people to make quick fixes for certain problems and failed attempts of repairing broken articles of everyday use. This simple description turns out to be a hilarious depiction of cures and is very popular among blog readers. It was published through the blogs, Cheezburgers, Failblog, Know Your Meme and Lolcats. It can be the ideal gift for the “jerry-rigger” in your life.

 Funny Blogs- There I Fixed It

These are the top 5 funny blogs books which are also informative in turn. Their popularity as blogs have also encouraged the makers of these books to publish them as paper books and many of such books are now available through online stores such as Checkout either the hilarious blogs or these blogs turned into books. Either won’t disappoint you!

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