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June 11, 2016

Top 6 Behavioural Connections Between You And Your Sleeping Positions

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Sleeping Positions

There is a definite connection between your sleeping positions and your personality. Everyone sleeps in a unique position. All of us would know about our body language when we are awake. It is only at night that we are unconscious about the way we sleep. Your sleeping positions reveal more about you than anything else. Are you an introvert person or a confident guy? A fun-loving girl or a trustworthy person?

Let’s find out !

#1 Foetus Position

The foetus position is the common sleeping position preferred by everyone. The person who sleeps on his sides with knees bent and drawn towards the stomach seems to be the tough guy for outsiders but they will be an emotional and sensitive person actually. These people will worry unnecessarily for everything in life. If you sleep in foetus position then you would feel refreshed in the morning and you will be ready to solve any kind of issues. Generally women would like to sleep in foetus position.

foetus position

#2 Log Position

In this position the people will sleep on their sides. They use to lay straight on one side with arms extended downwards. They are genuine people. These people would like to take part in social activities and they would be referred as an easy going person.

Log position

#3 Yearner

In this position the people will sleep with their legs slightly bent and their head would be angled off to the center of the pillow. Their arms would be stretched in a forward position. These people will be always suspicious and they would take more time to decide something.

Yearner position

#4 Soldier

Here the people will sleep in an attention position with their arms down. They are quiet in nature. They will be an ambitious person and set high standards in life. It is considered as the best position for your back and neck. At the same time sleeping in this position will give you breathing issues.


#5 Freefall

In this position you will be sleeping on your stomach and your head will be turned to the sides. They are extrovert person but will take emotional decisions in life. These people could not able to take the criticism in a right way and they avoid tense situations. Generally sleeping in your stomach is not considered as a good position.

Freefall position

#6 Starfish

Here the people will sleep on their back and their arms, legs will be spread out like a starfish. They are good listeners. They will like to make more friends and they will be ready to help anyone. These people don’t want to be the center of attraction.

starfish position

Note: Your sleeping positions has an effect on your health. If you try to change your usual sleeping position for any reason then you will spend the entire night without sleep. Though you can find some health benefits in a particular sleeping position it is always recommended to sleep in your comfortable position. Happy Zzzs to you!!

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