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August 27, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Solo Trip

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Travelling solo is something that all of us may have wished or wrote in our travel diaries. But many will never set out on the journey. Reason? Maybe we are scared or relentless or just afraid of the outer world. But for how long, we will think ‘’no, I cannot do this or am not capable’’. Time for change has come! Be enthusiastic, break your routine, do something that you will feel proud and talk for the whole life!  Time does not wait anything; therefore try to capture all moments. Stop being scared of consequences.

Travelling sole, is indeed a big investment, not only financially but also morally and physically. Because being alone, the world with be just you, there will not be any close one for guidance and help. When you fall, get up by yourself because it is those moments which will shape your future mindset.

In this article, we will cover some important points how travelling solo with enhance yourself for a lifetime.

#1 Happiness

Admit it we all chase happiness. Several times, during some bad days, sitting behind our work desk we start dreaming ‘’when will I travel, when will visit Greece or a trip to Europe’’. We keep on dreaming and this will never make one self happy. Therefore get out of this dream start achieving it, stop saving you bank balance till it feels heavy as your sad heart. Rather, invest in it, use that money and buy yourself a trip. Make yourself happy then you will be able to keep others happy! A solo trip, will create such happiness within you, you will feel grown up, mature and completely different.

 #2 Character building process

A solo trip will definitely change your character and your mindset. You discover both your strength and weakness. It builds confidence and trust. By being alone you will be free from your daily tensions; you will learn how to be happy and comfortable with yourself. Solo trips teach us self motivation, how to be proactive and responsible. Many times, you may feel weak or neglected and discouraged. But at the end it’s those breakdowns that you will be your strength. It will make you become so strong that tackling any situation will be an art.

#3 Make someone fearless

Many people avoid travelling solo because of fear. They do not feel courageous enough to take that step. But one you achieved it, it will also be the best decision you ever took. In a solo trip you will have to put aside all your fears because it may be a tough journey. You will have to search your own hotel, your food, transport and activities. One advice is trust your instinct and you will be happy!

#4 Self-learning

Being on solo trip will make you think; think about your whole life, your family, friend’s job or college. It is the right time where you can be yourself, sleep under the star, break a leg with a stranger, talk, and meet people. Eat what you want, and fulfill all those desires that you have been building inside.  Leave the misery, the painful heartbreak or the loss ones; feels at peace with yourself and your emotional state will be cured.

#5 Discovering

Travels do make us discover but a solo trip will allow you to discover more. Because when we travel in company there tend to be a discussion of where to go, but alone it’s your individual choice! Also it makes you responsible and thoughtful. Because being alone, all decision is on you. You will also meet other people, grab this good opportunity to make contacts to learn more about others and sometime it can create a friend for lifetime. Allow yourself to feel free and independent.

Pack your bag and set out for a wonderful journey. Discover places and yourself, because time is going and loss time never comes back. Do not have a life with regrets rather one with experiences and challenges.

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