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March 28, 2017

Top 5 Must Watch Animated Movies For Adults and Kids

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Most of the cute animated movies circle around the love stories but there exist few solitary animated movies that do not have their main story revolving around two love birds. Rather, they dissipate a totally different idea and manages to inspire us and leave a mark on our memory. Here are five of them. Seriously, they are a must watch! If you have missed even a single one watch it as soon as possible! They are worth a watch!

Scroll the list below and get ready to download them and watch.

#1 Frozen

When the world was busy making animated love stories of Snow White and Cinderella, Frozen open window for a new kind of love- the sisterly love bond. A bit of a spoiler here, Elsa who was cursed got freedom from it from the touch of her sister, Ana, not any handsome prince. This movie freezes the idea that love doesn’t always point to a single road, rather, it has varied faces.

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#2 Inside Out

Inside Out won Oscar’s best-animated movie and its quality can be gauged from it. It’s a story in a totally different realm- The Human Mind. We have Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Anxiety as the lead characters driving Riley’s brain and making it functional. This movie really gives you a new dimension of thinking.

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#3 Finding Nemo

This movie focuses on the love bond between father and son, Nemo, who goes missing. It’s a fun-filled and adventurous quest which fetches Nemo’s father a new friend Dory. This movie teaches us that whoever may come in our lives, no one can love and care about you like your parents.

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#4 Kung Fu Panda

An action- comedy animated film this movie captures the hardship a panda faces who tried to learn the Chinese art of Kung Fu. It’s imperative to note to the audience is a message that you find something quite hard and might feel incapable of doing it but to win the battle always remember- “Never Give Up!”. That pretty much solves every obstacle in the way.

animated movies - Kung-Fu-Panda

#5 Big Hero 6

This film focuses on the strong love bond shared by two brothers, out of which one dies, later on in the movie. Then it shows the friendship between a robot, Baymax, and the younger brother. They go on a quest to fight the main villain.  It also tells the story of how a young boy copes with depression after his dear brother’s death.

animated movies - bighero6

These were some of the best animated movies you must see. These are for the adults as well as kids. These are not love stories but totally worth watching. We are sure you will love each and every movie from the list.

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Do you find any your favorite movies missing from this list? Do you feel that there are more movies which should be added to this list? Tell us and write below in comments!! We are open to hearing your suggestions and your favorite movies too.

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