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April 18, 2017

Top 5 Cartoon Shows You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents

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Not all cartoons are meant for kids. Fact is cartoons with adult themes or jokes have proven to be much more successful (commercially) than kid’s cartoons. Some of these showcase important issues, pop culture and feature some hilarious parodies.

This is a list of the top 5 cartoon shows that are meant for an adult audience.

#5 Archer
This is a series about Archer or codename: Duchess who is supposedly an expert secret agent comparable to 007 himself. Though Archer really does have some talent when it comes to driving, shooting and the everyday spy stuff, his only real interest is to live a life full of women, alcohol, fast cars and some more things along those lines. He is egotistical and absolutely full of himself and that is exactly why this show is absolutely hilarious. Archer has quite a number of sarcastic jokes up his sleeve and even if he doesn’t he makes sure that we get a laugh out of his situation.

#4 Futurama
Basically, a darker and more vulgar version of the Jetsons, this is a show about a pizza delivery boy named Fry who gets cryogenically frozen and then wakes up in the future, the year 2999. This show makes enough sci-fi themed jokes to have a cult following among the sci-fi lovers.

#3 Beavis and Butt-head
This MTV production ran its first course from 1993 to 1997 then was re-incarnated in 2011. Beavis and Butt head are two twins who love rock music and struggle with the challenges of being a male teenager. The show’s lewd humour and constructive criticism of society earned it critical acclaim though it was also suggested that the series inspires criminal behaviour. This show was also an inspiration for the show that made the number one spot on this list.

#2 Family-Guy
Surrounding the everyday activities of the Griffin family, Family-Guy is an adult cartoon show that covers it all. This show has garnered critical acclaim for its satirical comedy, self-referential humour and parodies surrounding American pop-culture and everyday life. The show is centred around the family members but it’s the antics of the father, Peter Griffin, that is most loved by the show’s fans. This show is definitely one of the best adult cartoon shows of all time.

#1 South Park
This show has literally left no taboo topic un-touched, and this is exactly why this show is the best in the list. Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s creation of the town of South Park in Colorado is nothing short of genius. The episodes feature everything from celebrities, monsters, parodies to talking feces. South Park has set a new bar for what is acceptable on television too many times to count but it continues to impress fans and critics alike. The second version of a video game adaptation of this series is set to release later this month.

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