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March 25, 2016

Top 15 Countries That Has Legalized Prostitution

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weird laws in India: prostitution

For long, prostitution has been seen in a negative light. It has been highly condemned by the moral as well as the state police in many parts of the world. However, a new generation of open-minded people has emerged on the scene defending the choice of women and men who wish to make a living out of it, willingly. Though some people indeed are victims of forced prostitution and pimping, it’s unfair to ignore the voice of the people who wish to see it being accepted by others as just another job that deserves respect, at the very least. This also gives way to a healthy and safe work environment for the sex workers. While some countries have legally banned prostitution, others have attempted to legalize and regulate prostitution by offering sex workers with health and social benefits. Here’s a list of some countries where there is legal prostitution:

#1 Austria

In Austria, prostitutes need to register and undertake an occasional health assessment. They also have to pay taxes.

legal prostitution: Austria

#2 Australia

The legal status of prostitution in Oz varies from state to state. It is legalized in some regions and unlawful in other parts.

legal prostitution: australia

#3 Bangladesh

Both pimping and running brothels are legal here. Surprisingly, however, male prostitution is illegal to practice here.

legal prostitution: bangladesh

#4 Belgium 

The country is persistently trying to get rid of the aggression and fear linked with prostitution. They have decriminalized it while brothels and pimping remain illegal. The government is trying to regulate the state of brothels with finger mark technology and key-cards 

legal prostitution: belgium

#5 Brazil

legal prostitution: brazil

#6 Colombia

It is legit to work in the sex industry. Prostitution is extensively spread in cities like Cartagena and Barranquilla.

legal prostitution: colombia

#7 Canada

Prostitution is legal, but trading on sex was declared illegitimate by the end of 2014. This intensely faulty system puts sex workers in a very unsafe position.

legal prostitution: canada

#8 Denmark

Prostitution is legal here. The government even assists those with impairments by covering the additional costs some of them have to incur for treatment and medicines.

legal prostitution: denmark

#9 Ecuador

Prostitution in Ecuador is legal and prostitute must be older than 18 years old. Unfortunately, child prostitution and human trafficking is a serious issue where Ecuadorian women are trafficked to Western Europe or Venezuela.

legal prostitution: ecuador

#10 France

Following the war of 1946, pimping was legalized and brothels were banned. Soliciting in public is banned as well.

legal prostitution: france

#11 Germany 

Prostitution was legalized in 1927 in Germany. The industry enjoys liberty including brothels, advertisements and job offer through HR companies. The workers have to pay taxes. They are given health insurance and receive social benefits like a pension.

legal prostitution: germany

#12 Greece

Greece follows the same path of Germany. Prostitution is considered a real and respectable job in the society. The employees get equivalent rights and have regular health check-ups.

legal prostitution: greece

#13 Indonesia

Prostitution itself is considered a crime against morality and decency, though it is widely practiced, tolerated and regulated.

legal prostitution: indonesia

#14 Netherlands

This country is well known for its ‘red-window’ sex workers, and hence, there is legal prostitution here.

legal prostitution: netherlands

#15 New Zealand

The license is issued to operate and run brothels. In fact, sex workers here enjoy an occupational status similar to that of people practicing a different occupation.   

legal prostitution: new zealand

#16 India

There is legal prostitution in India itself but other related activities such as pimping, soliciting in public spaces, prostituting in hotels etc are considered illegal. Owning brothels is also illegal, but, at places like Sonagachi in Kolkata, GB Road in Delhi and Kamathipura in Mumbai among many others, these laws are hardly ever implemented.

legal prostitution: india

This was the list of 16 countries which allows legal prostitution.

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