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May 16, 2017

Top 10 Vloggers from Around the Globe

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evelina fashion cafe

Youtube has come to us as a boon! Be it us, the viewers, who have the best time browsing videos for everything from Fashion to Comedy to Adventure; or the Youtubers who connect with millions of people around the world just with their camera and laptops!

The world has really become a small place thanks to social media.

This article is an ode to all the beautiful women from around the globe that take out their time and efforts to help us embrace our bodies and minds. They not only tell us about beauty and fashion but also let us into their lifestyle and personal space; not something all of us has the nerves to do.
Presenting to you, Top 10 Vloggers from around the world!

#1 Zoella

#2 Aashna Shroff

#3 Mimi Ikonn

#4 Debasree Banerjee

#5 Bethany Mota

#6 Kaushal Beauty

#7 Evelina’s Fashion Café (Favorite!)

#8 Love Chic Styling- Jo Wee

#9 Style Secrets

#10 Sherry aka Scherezade Shroff

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