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September 2, 2016

Top 10 Ridiculous Doomsday Predictions That’ll Blow Your Mind!

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Yes! We have all been victims of the scare caused by the movie “2012” which spoke of a prophecy set by the Mayans that stated that the world would end on 21st December 2012; the last day etched on the Mayan calendar. Oh boy do I remember that day…. Sitting in class…all heads down…just waiting to go home and say our prayers just in case. I even remember writing a song about how it couldn’t be the end yet. Folks, that was the night the entire world was nocturnal together. But, newsflash, it wasn’t, afterall, the end of the world.

The Mayan Prophecy was just one of the many failed theories that attempted to predict our Armageddon; some of which were truly ridiculous. Here are the top 10 most ridiculous ones of them all!


This dates back almost 2 centuries. Back in the day, a prophetic hen from Leeds, England was said to have made predictions about “the last day”. How, one may ask? Well, apparently, the hen laid eggs which bore text written in King’s English stating that “Christ is coming”. Of course, later on it was discovered that the owner was using acid to write these foul predictions onto select eggs; shoving them back into the poor hen. Well, what even.


You could say that Pat Robertson is Donald Trump’s long lost brother; as his gimmicks were no different. He was an ex-Baptist and  failed Republican candidate who was known for making unusual assumptions and predictions. Recently, he predicted that that American economy would collapse because of Barrack Obama because God told him. Well, a wanna-be Messiah, this media mogul stated that God told him that the judgement day was approaching….back in 1982!! Sigh!

#3 MILLERISM (1844)

It’s funny how humble preachers can turn into deceivers of the mass without even knowing what they’re talking about. William Miller, a humble preacher (yeah right), got up one day, thoroughly convinced that the world was going to end on October 22nd 1844. The print media was at his expense, promoting this “dooms-date idea” because, of course, it’s the media; they always need something weird to fuss about. But alas! All that hardwork only proved to be a “Great Disappointment” (or relief), for, the world did not end. What a bummer! An even bigger bummer is the fact that Miller managed to garner followers and spark a movement called the Seventh Day Adventist who still exist today; as the perfect example of cognitive dissonance according to psychologists. How so very sad.

#4 Y2K

Ever watched that Will Smith bomber I.Robot? Well, you could say that the movie was based on this very prediction. That’s right…it was predicted that computer systems or androids would start malfunctioning and start operating against us when the date strikes 01/01/2000. It was that age when people were getting soberly addicted to the fat cellphones and that paved way for such predictions that could seldom be cataclysmic….unless…we fast-forward a couple of years and pause right here. It is sort of becoming a machine’s world isn’t it? Something to think about there!


Cults are favorites for doomsday predictors. And so, Hon-Ming Chen went in the “cult” direction and started a UFO religion called Chen Tao.  Chen predicted that at 12:01 a.m. on March 31, 1998 God would be seen on a single television channel all across North America; that He would arrive on a spaceship to oversee the end of days, himself. Wow. Funnily, it turned out to be a filed prophecy. Oops. Another miss.


This movement was based on the Armageddon prophecy and the movement was started by believers who went door-to-door, convincing the masses that the “end is near”; well I won’t lie- tried to convince! The movement started in 1877 and went on for several years! And guess what? They still haven’t given up, despite the fact that they ALWAYS GET IT WRONG. Well, gotta give them credits for not giving up!


Yet another cult that believed that the world was going to end ended up becoming the victims of the largest mass suicide till date; with 38 people killing themselves by drinking poison-laden pineapple juice; subsequently coining the phrase “drinking the Kool Aid”. Well, the results weren’t what one would expect from drinking a Kool Aid. Clearly, they believed that taking their own lives would save them from the wrath they had to face when God decided to end it for good. And clearly, they were so wrong!


Once in a while a character comes along who easily traps people into the vortex of the gullible ones. And once in a while, people get so badly trapped that they leave all their worldly possessions and take to the streets in order to make sane people insane; much like them. So Harold Camping was the cause, and a the general public were the idiots caught in his vortex of endless predictions about the Almighty reclaiming the Earth; the recent one being in May 2011. The Christian-media mogul still tries to increase his avid followers- wait, I’m just kidding. He died in 2013.


If you are a Dan Brown fan, you’d surely know the story of Angels & Demons and how the God Particle was going to be the end of it all. Well folks, if you love that for a gripping plot, feast your eyes upon the Hadron Collider. It is CERN’s massive particle collider in Franco-Swiss border that had come under scrutiny and suspicion when superstitious theories were circulated regarding the aftermath of firing up the collider: Guess what? People said that will lead to the destruction of the world! Can’t science experiments just be left to the scientists? Other vulnerable people, just stick to Dan Brown books!


Ok. This last theory really got me thinking about writing a movie script because it is so unrealistically ridiculous that the idea might actually entertain people! Dorothy Martin, a Scientology practitioner and a housewife, believed that aliens from a planet “Clarion” were warning her about a flood that would end the world on December 21st 1854. She gathered a few supporters and followers and made them believe that the aliens were going to rescue them from the horrible event. But alas…they waited and waited…and waited…and waited…till absolutely nothing happened on December 21st 1954. Well, ouch. But hey, what a storyline to build up on!

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