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April 11, 2017

Top 10 Hippie Towns Around The World

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Top 10 Hippie Towns

Before we discuss the top 10 hippie towns around the world, we should know who a ‘hippie’ is. A one who is free spirited with a free soul!!

Hippie or a hippy were part of youth movement that started in United Kingdom and United States in mid 1960s. The movement was started to counter the existing culture and as perceived hippie do not believe in the obnoxious norms of the society. Usage of drugs is also common amongst hippies.

If you want to experience the hippie way of living then these top 10 hippie towns are the best places to live for hippies.

#1 Goa, India

Considered as one of the best hippie destinations in the world, is a small Indian state. The place has got a blend of  different cultures which is enjoyed a lot by the people. You’d get everything here, from delicious seafood to late night parties on the beach- you name it and Goa, one of the best hippie places in India, has it all.

goa Top 10 Hippie Towns

#2 Nelson, Canada

This place in Canada is considered as the paradise for all the hippies around the world. The environment of this place is awesome and totally worth the type of a hippie.

Nelson Top 10 Hippie Towns

#3 Nimbin, Australia

This liberal town is worth visiting to feel the carefree atmosphere and the loved one gets here. The peace of mind and the positive vibes which a hippie could get here is incomparable to any other place. The place also has a history to offer if you are a true hippie by heart.

Nimbin Top 10 Hippie Towns

#4 Eugene, Oregon

Get ready to find yourself free of nature and its various perspectives. Set your foot on this another very famous hippie destination in the world. All the hippies who land up here would find the lifestyle of this place quite the same which totally fits with their nature and their free attitude.

Eugene Top 10 Hippie Towns

#5 Kasol, India

Deepen yourself with the tranquility of nature and the serene environment in Kasol, another of the top 10 hippie towns in the list. It is considered as heaven for all the adventure freaks and is loved by all the hippies who have visited this place. You would find hippies travelling across the globe just to visit this wonderful place.

Kasol Top 10 Hippie Towns

#6 Ibiza, Spain

You must have heard Spain for its famous bull run, but did you know that is has one of the most visited hippie destinations in the world?

I guess no!!! Then visit Ibiza, one of the most progressive towns in Spain, to get the full feeling of a hippie and feel the free love and warmth this place has to offer you.

ibiza Top 10 Hippie Towns

#7 Chefchaouen, Morocco

It is considered as one of the best places to travel to take a break from the dull and monotonous busy life. The city has a lot to offer you from food to culture this place have magic in its air which would make everyone moved making it among the top 10 hippie towns of the world. You could also enjoy hearing some of the ancient history and traditions of the people here.

Chefchaouen Top 10 Hippie Towns

#8 Tulum, Mexico

This place has recently grown as one of the top 10 hippie towns from around the world. You would get the best Mexican cuisine here and would get many moments to spend your hippie way towards life.

Don’t forget to visit the local markets and the bars for an unforgettable experience.

 Top 10 Hippie Towns tulum

#9 Vancouver, Canada

This place is sometimes called as the place of love, is also very famous among the hippies in the world. Find the ultimate peace of mind and enjoy the cultural life over here. It is believed that it was the hippies who spread the spiritual idealism in this place, for which the city is very thankful towards them.

Vancouver Top 10 Hippie Towns

#10 Kathmandu, Nepal

This is one of the favourite top 10 hippie towns among all the people who love to travel the world and love to visit new places. The city attracts loads of people every year. Kathmandu is the top most place to find spirituality and enjoy the Nepalese culture.

Nepal Top 10 Hippie Towns

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