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July 16, 2016

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair Based On Your Period Cycle

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Every girl experiences periods every month. But it is little difficult for us to discern the changes that our bodies go through the different phases of periods. From the post period days to the period days, we go through four menstrual phases in which the body endures various physical changes which are mostly due to increase and decrease of hormone levels at different points of time. These changes may not be visible to us but it is our skin, our hair and our mood which has to bear the effects of these changes. Let us discuss the specific changes that our hair goes through during the period cycles and how we can take care of them to keep them healthy and beautiful.

#1 During Post period Phase 

During the post period phase there is an increase in our estrogen level and a decrease in the testosterone levels which is responsible for activating oil production. This is bad news for our hair and scalp as it tends to become dry during this time. So, it will be good to condition and nourish your hair at this time to prevent it from getting damaged. However, this time due to less sebum production the skin remains oil-free and clearer.

#2 Ovulation 

The ovulation phase begins 14 days before the periods and during this time there is a further increase in the estrogen level of our body whereas the testosterone level is still low. This results in a slight increase in oil production but it is still in check. So, it is a better time for hair and scalp as the prevailing dryness is relieved to some extent. This time normal washing and conditioning of the hair and scalp should be done. But excessive scrubbing of the scalp should be avoided as the scalp is much more sensitive at this time.

#3 Pre- Menstrual Time 

Just about a week before the periods the estrogen levels begin to decrease and the testosterone and progesterone levels start to increase. This results in an increase in the oil production of the skin glands. This in turn makes the hair and scalp also very oily or sometimes greasy. Frequent showers and keeping a dry shampoo handy are the best ways to take care of the hair at this time. The flip side for hair during this phase is that it is the best time dye the hair.

#4 Period Days

For about one week during the periods the estrogen level of the body is at the lowest and pro-inflammatory molecule and prostaglandins are at the highest. This makes our body very sensitive and as such the scalp is also sensitive. The hair generally feels dull at this time. Hence, it is not a good time for styling. Adequate rest and proper cleaning of the hair and scalp, preferably using a dry shampoo are the best things that can be done to keep the hair in good condition.

Though symptoms of different phases of period may vary in different girls but above mentioned tips are simple tips which can be helpful to any girl if followed in combination with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

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