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March 8, 2018

Time’s Up now, Break the Silence with Metoo Campaign

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Metoo Campaign

A most popular trending topic in twitter and facebook since late 2017, everybody, from celebrities to ordinary people, is swooping into the MeToo Campaign. With more and more stories under the MeToo movement, creeping into the social media, this movement, which initially sensed the fake motives, is apparently gaining an immense momentum worldwide that is propelling the campaign to a new level to serve the purpose of weird reality.

MeToo is a globally accepted tag name, a social status for all women indicative of the sexual harassment or assault, especially in the workplace. It is a wonderful initiative, where women are encouraged to voice out loudly for their own self by just one hashtag of 2 words Me, Too. The right of perseverance of violence is expected to reduce, provided that this hashtag is aptly used.


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It is indeed traumatic to read the comments and stories that keep pouring in, as a trending topic on the social media from all over the world. Taking into the account, the fact that the majority are affected by the tragic incidents daily, the objective of the MeToo campaign is a collective effort of all women across the globe to expose the scale of all kinds of acts that are sexually abusive. It is about the gathering of women power against the deep-rooted misogyny in the patriarchal society. Also, In consequence of these women-led efforts, a lot of buried issues with respect to abusive patterns over the men and the children are continually unfolding. Though the rally began to be women-centric initially, eventually it grew to include the men and children. Ideally, the MeToo campaign is open to gender-neutral wide spectra.

It’s been a decade now that the original creator of MeToo campaign, a social activist Tarana Burke, aimed to empower women through compassion and sympathy. In the recent past, Alyssa took over her thoughts and brought the idea in the social media. It all erupted like molten lava, spreading like wildfire, cutting through the boundaries, when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted this:

MeToo image

Image Courtesy: www.thehindu.com

This tweet is based on the public disclosures of allegations on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in October 2017. This is not just Weinstein but beyond any man or a woman. The movement roped in big names, which faced media and the legal action.These are inclusive of the President Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and Michael Fallon. The MeToo outrage embraces not just Alyssa Milano, but many other celebrities who dared to voice out the truth of their worst experiences, few among them were Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Ashley Judd, Selma Blair, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ever since she started the movement, Burke’s agenda, in all her campaigns, has always been to propagate the education to condemn all forms of sexual harassment. Educate the civilized men and women to intervene, without fear, when they sense any such disparaging behavior in their vicinity, defend the attacks and protect their children, friends, colleagues, family and even strangers from falling prey to the predators.

Burke also educates K-12 high school students using #MeTooK12. #MeTooK12 is meant to reveal the prevailing sexual misbehavior towards children in school. It is aimed at educating the children, from kindergarten to higher graders, to tackle or to stop the sexual abuse at school. She has always led the less-trodden paths. She inspired many other such similar initiatives like Time’s Up movement.

The MeToo campaign as a platform

The untold, unheard and unanswered must use the MeToo campaign as a platform to raise their voices and speak up in order to create a protective sheath around them. It is the people’s voices, their thoughts and the awareness levels that have got an immense capacity to bring about a change in the democracy and the governing rules. It has a potential to curb a great magnitude of physical abusive crimes at the global level.


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How would it feel, when the right to being safe and secured is snatched away? What about the self-respect and emotions – Unsafe, Confused, Excluded; Countless; Insecure; Irrelevant; Suicidal?  Yet there are several dozens of victims who ignore their self and well-being. They pretend, as if, all is well. They keep their heels on wheels to be the best, that they could be. The fear is eating us all! The fear of losing a job; fear of retaliation; fear of being laughed at; fear of not being trusted upon; fear of lack of pieces of evidence; fear of losing the family and beloved; fears that are unknown and unutterable. The victims are still quiet with zero persuasion of communication.

Recently, in Oscars 2018, The Time’s Up movement followed the agenda of MeToo campaign. People observed #MeToo moment by dressing up in black with a badge of Time’s up. Time’s up movement has done a fabulous job of raising enough funds for fighting off the predators legally. They also gathered the attorneys who volunteered for the better cause. However, a keen eye is required to the fact-checking and the false accusations. Though the movement is criticized for many reasons, it should not be a mere cause of publicity.

High Time with #MeToo

It is not just in social media, but the MeToo campaign is under discussion in almost all countries such as US, UK, China, Japan, India, Israel, Kenya, Korea, Sweden, Italy, Philippines. #MeToo movement is fuelling debates with respect to the professional conduct at a workplace.  The policymakers are planning to extend it and get it inducted in the form of stringent law enforcement and protocols. The policies are going to support the sufferers at the workplace in all the Industrial sectors as in religious institutions, educational institutions, healthcare sector, Sports Academies, Government institutions and Military force. The mass movement is making an attempt to move the existing relative law of discrimination. #MeToo movement is inspiring the feeling that combatting the workplace discrimination is not as impossible as it sounds. It’s about the drawing the boundary line that men and women are ought to maintain, while in the professional relationship.


Image Courtesy: http://www.cbc.ca

The marching, the protests and the public outcry against the women violence had always been there in many countries, for centuries. There are several thousands of such real cases worldwide that prove the women violence is still remaining unheard. In the era of darkness, MeToo campaign is just another hope of light to see a better and a beautiful secured tomorrow. There has been enough of the sympathy and all that is needed now is the hour of action!  Though the fight for righteous path has begun, remember that things don’t change overnight and hence it is certainly a very long journey.

In the end, suppressing the miserable memories is not the solution to seek peace. Although it’s easier said than done, dare to speak up and share the experiences with others. This is about those predators that lack the fear of God, to conduct such heinous crimes. Create awareness of the evil that is inflicting our society. To whoever is concerned – Your voice may not eradicate the forms of abuses, but it will at the least encourage others to stand up. Your initial step might be stumbling, but it might either impact one in hundreds, or it might create a chain of hands holding together. It’s your courage and your voice that matters a lot to the globe!

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