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September 21, 2015

Time before Prediction: How the man who predicted 9/11 shot dead

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Know the time before Prediction : William cooper, who predicted 9/11

One of the world’s mysterious and greatest conspiracy – 9/11, itself is the iconic date that inked dark spots in the history of America. The world said to be before and after 9/11 after that attack. Wonder, if there could be slightest chance to prevent it!  What if I tell you somebody has done that trial.  9/11 prediction could have been changed the face of history.  Let’s know what happened the time before prediction.Let’s introduce you to a man named William Cooper. I only say this because chances are you haven’t heard of him. In the off chance you have, you’re likely to think he’s a bad guy. Except that he’s not. Or wasn’t.

William Cooper


William Cooper was a member of the naval intelligence and grew up in a military family. He lived on bases with his dad for most of his youth, was a self-declared pro-establishment fellow. Cut to 1966 when he, after years of combat and serving with intelligence on a submarine, witnessed a disc-shaped rise from the ocean. He knew that what he had witnessed went against the existing laws of physics.

But what surprised, or rather shocked, he was being debriefed along with other members of the crew at the submarine base in Pearl Harbour. Their instructions? Never to speak of what they “never saw”, or face massive consequences and imprisonment. It was only then that Cooper realized the culture of military secrecy and the severe consequences of speaking about these secrets.

Cut to 2001. William Cooper, the 9/11 prediction man, died a couple of weeks after 9/11. Only that he tried to warn us about 9/11 through his radio programs and his writing, following his investigations. He spoke of the rise of a potential police state, the silencing of those with information, and the invasion of states in the name of liberal democracies. He essentially described the world we are living in today.  The world has been aware and the time before prediction, no one ever dreamt of such dark accident that shook everyone.

Prior to his death in November 2001, in June, Cooper’s radio program spoke of an imminent terrorist attack on American shore, possibly involving Bin Laden. When he was asked for a time, he stated on his June 28, 2001, program that the attack would occur in a few weeks (in his opinion).  10 weeks later, 9/11 happened.

(Recorded 28 June 2001)

18:04:  Not only the time before Prediction but afterward too,  the possibility of terrorist attacks were raised. 

It gets worse. Just weeks after 9/11, and months after his striking predictions, on the 6th November 2001, a confrontation occurred between William Cooper and law enforcement agents. These men, supposedly disguised as rowdy teenagers, lured him from his house and shot him dead, allegedly because he was part of a militant anti-establishment movement.

What happened exactly is still unclear, but his body was left on the doorstep of his house for 15 hours, with no medical attention or intervention provided.

Still, the mystery lies! If there could be any chance of bringing that time before prediction so that we can save him to understand how he predicted the world most dangerous conspiracy.

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