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March 13, 2016

Throwback and Revival of the 80s fashion trends

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Metallic Clothes - 80s fashion trends

We are pretty sure, if Bollywood is given a chance then it will erase the 80s from its history. The 80s, however, was a very successful year for stars like Mithun, Sridevi, and Jeetendra. It was all about glitz and shimmer, and you would still get a good laugh if you watch movies from the 80s. Not because of the story or acting but because of the 80s fashion trends. While some of the trends have made a comeback; others we don’t want to ever see them come back.

These 80s fashion trends will take you back in time.

#1 Heavy Jewellery

Layers of beaded necklaces were a major trend in the 1980s. These necklaces were heavily built, thick, and extremely chunky. Even the big, over-sized bracelets of neon colour made a bold statement. And do not to forget the shine. These accessories were metallic and extremely blingy.

The necklaces would be either beaded or have large glossy pendants. Long ropes of colourful pearls, crystal or cut glass were the range of necklaces and bracelets during the 80s.


#2 Padded shoulders

Not everyone can sport a padded shoulder. All the formals, from coats, suits to jackets, everything either had padded shoulders or protruding edges. Shoulder pads helped give an appearance of broader and less sloping shoulders. The basic idea was to create an upside down triangle on a shoulder to give an appearance of a tiny waist! These shoulder pads made women look huge and bold. Soon padded shoulders became a style to accessorise the get up of a woman. Controversial as it is, padded shoulder surely made the women look dauntless and in charge.

80s fashion

#3 Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms basically meant the lower part of pants bell shaped. The pants became wider from down the knees. They are known as bootcut today. It was worn by men as well as women! Bell bottoms are now considered the retro hip-hop of the 1980s.

Bell Bottoms

#4 Metallic Clothes

Shiny, metallic clothes were a hype in the 1980s. Everything had sequins. Earrings, necklaces, clothes and even the makeup! Remember the extra use of glitter on lips, eyes, and cheeks? Bollywood was highly influenced by Western culture at that point. Even the men wore silver and golden costumes – remember our disco dancer Mithun Chakraborty?

Metallic Clothes

#5 Miniskirts

Women loved wearing miniskirts looking at which even the winters would shy away. Leather happened to be the favourite skirt material which was often teamed up with leggings or stockings. Paired with high heels and stilettos, it created a haunted look. Let’s exclude maa, behan and Dadi-maa from this list. Miniskirt eventually became a part of executive clothing.

80s fashion trends

#6 Flowing hair and Growing Mane

The 80s was a time where the beauty was at its peak experimentation. But one thing that remained natural during the decade was the hair. Women only tied their locks in buns and puffs if not loose. They believed in letting their locks grow, allowing it to be in their original form. Women, with their thick tresses, often let them loose, not tying them up. Even the men grew their mane and did not cut them short. They often experimented with their hair by highlights and fringes. Long hair was ultimate vogue of those times.

Dimple and Mithun

#7 Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves meant the glove did not cover the fingers. It ended at the end of the knuckles leaving the fingers free. After the mid-1980s, fingerless gloves were a major accessory worn by both men and women. While fingerless gloves were just another protection material to keep the hands warm, they were customised and made extremely fashionable in the 80s. These gloves matching their outfits were totally in demand after 1985. While these gloves designed for women was full of laces, the gloves meant for men portrayed strength and mastery.

80s fashion

#8 Stilettos

When it came to footwear, women preferred wearing something which was not just high but was also pointy. And of course, not to forget, something shiny and glittery. Often, high heels with block prints or wild designs were preferred. Women ordinarily also wore contrasting neon coloured stilettos. Women continue to wear stilettos and manage to rock them not caring about the pain.


These were some of the 80s fashion trends and we really love some of the flashbacks and some were totally disastrous.

Well, which of these 80s fashion trends are your favourite? Let us know.

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