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December 23, 2016

This Santa Claus Delivers Gifts Year Round

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It is a common belief that those who smuggle or steal goods or commodities do it for their own profit. But what if someone smuggles to bring joy and smile on faces? What if we told you that Robinhood exists? There is a Santa who delivers gifts year round?

Meet Rami Adham from Aleppo. For last 5 years, he has been smuggling toys and basic supplies for Syrian people. He believes that most of the outside world has stopped  smuggles toys to bring a smile to the children of Syria. He gathers money and toys in Finland and has some contacts in Turkey and as well as Syria who gives him permission to enter and continue his noble job.

He has funded several schools in Syria. He even visited East Aleppo during the Civil War and risked his own life in delivering aid to Syria. The foods and all kinds of necessary products are even distributed in schools and hospitals so that people can get at least proper meals and their necessities are being fulfilled. Many people have supported the noble work of Adham and have helped him in whatever way they could have. It is even being reported that the Syrian kids have given up their pocket money for Adham’s project and support him in the best possible ways.
When Adham first decided to start his noble work he says that his daughter and his other 5 children gave up their own toys so that he can give them to the Syrian kids. At first, when he delivered the food and money to Syria the kids were not much excited or happy to see them but when they saw the toys their eyes lit up with happiness. Adham says that it is something he has wanted to see and he would do anything to bring a smile on their faces and that he is totally devoted to his work.

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