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February 18, 2016

Think beyond cricket – Emerging sports that are gaining traction

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Roller Skates

We love cricket. We eat, breathe and sleep cricket. Any news related to Cricket and we get crazy. Whether it is Yuvraj Singh getting hitched or Sachin Tendulkar planning to retire. And it is not just we who go crazy even media goes crazy. A week back, IPL 9 auctions took place and every 2 minutes there was an update. Unfortunately, not all sports in India get same level of attention or recognition. We don’t even know which team is doing best in Kabbadi league or Hockey league. We have started watching Football league because of Ranbir Kapoor and John Abraham.

We bring you 5 sports in India that deserve equal attention and popularity.


Did you know – Hockey is the National Sports of India? Most of us unconsciously answer cricket as the National Sports of India. India was once a dominant team in Hockey and Dhyan Chand is considered one of the best players. He has won three Olympic Gold medals and even has a tube name station named after him in London. Hockey deserves our love!

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a popular indoor recreation sport. Most of the sports club and schools have table tennis equipment installed. A lot of us have also turned our dining table into tennis table to enjoy this sport. Sharath Kamal is considered India’s best table tennis player. India has also won medals at Commonwealth. We have a great potential to excel in this sport. We just need to take this game seriously.


Rugby is a minor, but fast-growing, sport in India. The rugby team has even attempted to qualify for Rugby World Cup. Unfortunately, there is no personal stadium for Rugby players; they have to use College and University fields to practice.


Just like Table Tennis, Squash is an indoor game. However, it is considered an elitist sports. Players like Dipika Pallikal have got people interested in this game but India still has a long way to go.

Roller Skates

An outdoor summer activity, we all loved the wheels. While not thought as a competitive sport, roller skates is gaining popularity and people have started to see its competitive streak. The Rink Pavilion in Mussoorie is the largest rink in India. Anup Kumar Yama won a bronze medal in 2010 Asian Games and Rohan Ajit Konkane holds the world record for Limbo Skating.

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