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July 31, 2016

7 Things you must know about Teatox

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The trend of drinking Teatox or Detoxing Tea is rising by the day and many people, mostly women, from across the globe are confiding into packed teabags to keep themselves fit. Given its popularity, Teatox seem quite promising, but there a number of reasons not to trust it too much. We should always think twice before trusting something related to our health. Here are 7 reasons why you should not opt for Teatox:

#1 Teatox is Super Expensive

The most popular packages of detox tea diet are worth a fortune! A 28 day teatox package, from a very well known brand, which contains about 42 teabags, will cost about 35 GBP or 3400 Rupees. Should I explain further?

teatox: expensive


#2 Detox Teas are Misleading

While the top notch brands producing Detox Tea claim to keep you fit and help you lose weight just by having two cups of tea a day, remember that this a very misleading statement. First of it isn’t 100 percent natural. Detox teas are not dietary supplements; you cannot really survive on two cups of tea a day, right? Also you cannot probably gorge on burgers and have some tea to burn the carbohydrate. So when there are so many problems, why spend those extra money on Teatox? It is an appetite suppressing drink. Once you stop with it, you might as well start binge-eating. You might as well get addicted to it making it difficult for you to get rid of it. It gets you dehydrated. It might also increase your heart rate.

It seems fascinating to watch all celebrities use it and upload pictures on social media. But Teatox companies pay them a ransom amount to promote their product. So it does not have a very good impact in reality and you cannot believe or follow what is being shared on Instagram or Facebook.

teatox: misleading


#3 Teatox has Unfriendly Ingredients

To begin with, the teabags that come in a box of Teatox package are not really the ‘chai’ we have every morning. Some of them are just not tea leaves, they are herbal or organic components which you can have like tea. Many such components have adverse health effects if consumed for a long period of time. And most of the brands recommend these diets for about a month which is, to put it blatantly, ‘harmful’. The abundance of stimulants produces laxative effects which irritates the intestine creating uneasy bowel system.

teatox: ingredients


#4 Adverse Effect of some Teatox

Detox Teas are believed to help cleanse the liver and also help lose weight at the same time. Tea made from senna leaves are mostly used for the weight reducing package. This might have worked for many cases, but senna leaves are actually laxatives the consumption of which can lead to acute problems. Senna irritates the stomach lining to produce laxative effect. This causes discomfort, cramps and diarrhea.

teatox: adverse effect


#5 Teatox has Poor Reviews

Even the best of the brands of Teatox have poor reviews where many consumers have complained of stomach discomfort, bowel pains and diarrhea. Reviews where women have claimed to notice no change or difference even after completing a 28 day detox are very common on the Internet!

Some of the common complaints are that the product gets you dehydrated, causes irritation in the bowel system, diarrhea, cramps and breaks down metabolism.

teatox: poor reviews


#6 There are Better Alternatives than Teatox

Do not be influenced by what celebrities have to show you always. If you want to get healthy, Tea detox is surely not the best option.

There are always hundred other alternatives to keep you fit than to drink tea. If you want to maintain a good health, follow a proper diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle; if you want to lose some weight, why not try exercising?

teatox: exercise


#7 Detox Teas Cannot Really Detoxify

Liver, kidney and skin helps flush out the toxic substances in your body through the process of excretion and hence, they act as natural detoxifying agents. No food or drink can ever replace their function. So, thinking that these teas would actually help detoxify your system can be a major mistake. The most that Teatox can do is to enhance their functions. And excessive intake can have adverse side effects of Teatox on your body. So it is always better to consult a doctor before using it. You can also do a proper research about how does detox tea work yourself.

teatox: cannot detoxify


Everything with good “clearly paid” reviews is not *gold*, people! So, this so called ‘flat tummy tea’ is not the solution to get healthy.

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