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July 12, 2016

19 Things That Are Considered Rude in These Countries

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Traveling to a new country is exciting! We try to learn as much as we can about this new place, its culture, the food, the people and also the basic phrases in their language. We devour all the information about what to do in new countries that we forget about what not to do, which is equally important. Every country has its own unspoken rules and traditions which we must respect while traveling. While some may seem common sense, it is important to remember them and not to do them when traveling abroad. HookedUpon presents to you the things not to do in these 19 countries:

#1 Russia

Russians are best known for their hospitality, so never show up empty-handed; returning the courtesy can include some chocolates, flowers or toys for kids. Additionally don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering into a Russian house. Just remember do not buy even number of flowers when you are going to visit someone or attending an event. Even number of flowers are reserved for funerals.

Interesting Facts about Countries - Gift odd number of flowers if you are going out for dinner in Russia

#2 China

Chinese are less affectionately touchy-feely, so do not touch Chinese people. You can just bow down smiling and never gift Chinese people anything in a quantity of four because four is a symbol of death in China. Also, don’t gift an umbrella or clocks. If you are invited for dinner then make sure you don’t eat that last bite on your plate. The host may feel that you haven’t been served enough.

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things not to do - china

#3 India

In India, you are rarely restricted to uncommon rules but try not to use your left hand for any religious work as it is considered bad. Don’t touch anything with your feet and just like China, don’t hug or handshake with someone you don’t know.

things not to do in India

#4 Philippines

Never sing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at karaoke because they’re sick of it and obviously never make a negative remark on any Filipino, not even on the internet.

things not to do philippines

#5 Malaysia

Don’t touch anyone on the forehead as it might impure their souls, according to the belief it is believed that soul resides in the head. Don’t respect the royal family and if you need to point at something then point with your thumb!

things not to do in malaysia

#6 Japan

In Japan, do not tip anyone. It is considered rude and is not appreciated. Also, stay on the correct side of the escalator if you are not moving. If someone gifts you or offers anything, then accept it with your both hands.

things not to do in Japan

#7 Germany

This will sound common sense but many of us forget when traveling abroad – don’t do a Nazi salute or you may get arrested. Remember how you were taught you keep hands out of the pockets when talking to someone? Well, Germans will definitely not appreciate if you place your hands in pockets while talking to them.

things not to do - Germany

#8 France

Jokes about any army is not appreciated anywhere around the world and same holds true for French. Always say hello before asking for coffee or ordering food and do not ask for directions in France. You will be ignored for sure!

things not to do in france

#9 Turkey

In Turkey, you should beware before expressing in gestures, common hand gesture for ‘okay‘ is the same as calling someone homosexual. And no matter how good your coffee tastes, leave a sip.

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things not to do in TUrkey

#10 North Korea

North Koreans have their own rules if you don’t follow them. Things to keep in mind are: never speak to any local, never click pictures without your agent’s permission and be cautious before making frequent calls outside North Korea, else it may get you in trouble.

North Korea

#11 United Arab Emirates

The majority of people in UAE wouldn’t like you drinking, smoking or eating in public during Ramadan. Refrain from public displays of affection (PDA) when you are visiting UAE as this may land you in jail. Similarly, refrain from PDA when you are visiting India or any other Asian countries.

things not to do in UAE

#12 England

People of England are said to be very polite but no backslaps or hugs to someone you don’t know well and never eat off your knife.

things not to do in england

#13 Norway

Norwegians are peaceful, they’ll like you maintaining the peace, honking is a rude gesture and never try to bargain, prices are considered fair.

things not to do norway

#14 Singapore

Help them keep Singapore clean, never litter or spit in Singapore, they’ll fine you. Don’t eat in public transportation or else you will be fined. If you are traveling with pet then Singapore is not a pet-friendly country. While it is OK to have pets indoors, it is against the law to take your pet to public areas.

things not to do in singapore

#15 Australia

In Australia, don’t just order for beer as Aussies have their own slangs for different kinds pf beer and don’t ‘root’ for anything, ‘root’ is Aussie slang for ‘fuck’. Just like Japan, don’t tip anyone in Australia.

things not to do in australia

#16 Italy

Cappuccino is not a drink to be have with lunch or dinner. For Italians, cappuccino must be had for breakfast. It is also considered rude to say no if you are offered food or drink at a party. Your host may take serious offense.

things not to do in Italy

#17 New Zealand

Do not confuse between Aussies and Kiwis in New Zealand. Don’t make fun of Lord of the Rings, Queen of England and their accent. You will not be appreciated in this friendly country. Also, don’t be surprised if you see people walking around barefoot in New Zealand.

things not to do in new zealand

#18 Ireland

Hopping over to Ireland after your trip to United Kingdom? Ireland is a beautiful country and definitely must be on your bucket list. However, don’t try to imitate Irish accent and make sure you have enough cash before going bar hopping.

things not to in Ireland

#19 Chile

While some of us frown upon having rice with fingers, can you imagine having roti or naan with fork and knife? Well, in Chile, it is considered extremely rude to eat with your hands (french fries and taco are no exceptions). Always use cutlery when you are in public.

things not to do in chile

These were some fun and interesting cultural facts about these countries. Next time when you travel abroad, don’t forget to read what you should not do in the country you are traveling to. Do you have any interesting facts about the countries you have traveled to? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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