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July 15, 2016

The Vintage Love Affair – Short Story

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The Vintage Love Affair

The spice filled essence from the kitchen had hit his senses, it was the everyday curry smell, yet it would tempt him. In the living room his granddaughter was watching her favorite cartoon. It was a usual day , the sun was on the peak sending perks of light through the windows, the wind blew mildly without making noise. While the little girl shuffled through the tv channels; a melody played, and the old soul smiled and told her to wait.

It was the first time after many years her grandpa had spoken. She ran to grandma and realized the old soul with wrinkled face yet the undying charm and the ravishing beauty was already smiling.It seemed as though she had shed of her aged clothing and was again a young women, ready to fall in love. The 12 year old soul took this as shear happiness to see her smiling and hugged her knees.

It has been 12 years now, and the little girl is staring at the portrait on the wall, and the same melody plays; she revokes the unspoken romance of her grandparents. She rushes to her grandma with tearful eyes and once again encounters her with the same charm, she witnessed years ago.

The eagerness within her; tells grandma of her newly found love, she smiles mildly; and begins to tell her tale as her granddaughter rests her head on her lap. She starts narrating her vintage love… Which began after their marriage. The first few weeks of shy glances and the formal talks. The unspoken understandings and the secret appreciation for all the sacrifices; made the young girl realize the degraded renewed definition of love.

What’s with the song she asks? And this time, tears welled up in her eyes, grandma tells her, it marked the reign of their vintage love- the first time when grandpa expressed his love with this song…. And the last time- when he closed his eyes with a “forever” promise of the never ending vintage love…….

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