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March 9, 2016

The Unbelievable Bargain

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Unbelievable Bargain

Love is the answer and that it can mend even the deepest unseen wounds. Love can heal, love can console, love can strengthen, and yes, love can make change.

Sadly for Meera, she could not experience the love. She could not experience the change. A major trauma, and no one could expiate what happened to her. She was a beggar. A young beggar with no mother, no father and no siblings. She would see the rich girls playing every evening in the garden, skipping ropes, swinging and jumping around. All she could do was look at them and wait for their rich mothers to pass by her and give her a 5 rupee coin which would get her a night’s meal. It was not exactly a meal. She had to make do with one banana, or some fryums. Sometimes all she could manage to get was a raw potato. Managing to get a poori would be the days of happiness for her. But still she smiled. She smiled through it all. She smiled through the poverty, the extreme hunger, sleepless nights on garden benches, the unwanted eve teasing of roadside perverts, everything.

It was a day of happiness for her. She managed to collect some 30 rupees and went running to the dhabha to get her share of poori and some cooked potatoes at least. Waiting for her meal, she looked around and caught two men looking at her. It was normal for her. Men looking at her and groping her. She got her poori’s call from the rude manager and she started walking down to her bed, the city garden, humming a song. Little did she know that those men were following her. They called for her and the moment she turned around, they overpowered her and threw in the car with ease. No struggle needed. Next morning, she woke up only to find herself in a particularly peculiar room. She felt her bottom throbbing with pain and she felt something wet down there so she stood up to see what it was. She could barely stand up. She fainted as soon as she stood up. It was blood. She was raped.

Some men splashed a bucket of water at her and she woke up. She was in excruciating pain and absolutely in trauma to regain her senses. Meera barely managed to get up when she was held tightly and was asked to walk fast in another room. Oh, how would they understand the pain she experienced in walking. The room was weird. It had 2 big mirrors, around 10 make up kits, colourful short dresses lying all around and plenty of pimps surrounding her. A woman came up to her and handed her a red leather dress and asked her to change. In front of everyone. She cried and cried but nobody listened to her, nobody came to help her. When she still did not change, she was beaten and her clothes were torn off. She was forcefully asked to put on the dress. She was asked to sit on a chair when a man with bloodshot eyes and black leather jacket did her make up. She could hear the loud murmurs behind her. “She’s going to be amazing.” “With that figure of hers, we are going to get huge figures.” “I feel like tearing up her clothes and doing her myself.” She cried and begged but nothing helped her. No one would pay any attention to her. She didn’t even know what was coming her way. She was about to give up. A lady held her arm tightly and led her to another adjacent room.

It was a cool room, but Meera was sweating like a pig. Wherever she looked, she saw different types of men. Huge men, Small men, well built men, men who were not so well built. But all of them had one thing in common- desperate eyes. She could already feel them tearing her clothes and mentally raping her. And then it began. “We are commencing our auction for tonight. This is Meera. 15 years old. She is not a virgin, but she is no less than a model. We can assure you she is tight. The price starts with Rupees 50 thousand.” With the end of the sentence, a revolt started. Men from all directions shouted. “That is too expensive for a non-virgin.” “Yeah, I am not going to pay 50k for a non-virgin.” Same sentence, just different formations. Among these yells, a huge well built man in white clothes stood up and said “I’ll pay 60 thousand.” Undoubtedly, the men were too greedy. This one man initiated the auction followed by other men ready to pay higher price but it ended with that same man who bought Meera for Rs One Lakh Twenty Thousand.

Of course, the events that followed were unimaginable. She was taken to a room. The man didn’t even wait for the door to close and immediately undressed her. The man removed his clothes while looking at her rapaciously. He proceeded towards her. She screamed and struggled and fought back but nothing seemed to overpower the heavy man on the top of her. And it began. The pain, the agony, the torture, the trauma. 2 hours of torment and it ended. She was sweating, trying to get up. She couldn’t. She knew she was fainting. She allowed herself to faint, praying she would never wake up.

It’s shocking how a little girl already in pain, ended up with excruciating pain. Pain that she could never have imagined. Rape is actually bigger than everything else. We are helpless against it and all we can do it is hope to get rid of it someday. As for Meera, she had a life full of bargaining just for food. Who knew that she herself would end up getting bargained for. It indeed was an Unbelievable Bargain.

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