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December 13, 2016

The Stroke House – A Perfect Fun Spree

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As we all know, Hudson Lane is quite popular with North Campus students. The Hudson Cafe, YOLO 21 and For God’s Sake are some of the pocket-friendly and well-rate restaurants in Hudson Lane. The Stroke House is the latest cafe that joins the gang. The Stroke House is 100% vegetarian restaurant that offers American, Italian, Chinese and North Indian. Whatever, your mood be, The Stroke House has something for everyone.

The restaurant is situated on the 2nd and 3rd floor. You will be immediately captivated by the place’s amazing interiors and decors. Lighting with old-school bulbs gives it a little vintage feel. The 2nd floor has ample seating area while on the 3rd floor you can enjoy hookah and drinks.

gear clock

seating area

The food and mocktails were great. The presentation and styling of the food is excellent and will you have you drooling. If you are soon planning to visit The Stroke House, then we definitely recommend you try these dishes and drinks.

For mocktails, we had ordered Death by Chocolate, Watermelon Virgin Mojito and Virgin Negrani. Death by Chocolate shake filled to the brim. The brownie was immersed in the shake and they were generous with the cream on the top. The cup-shaped cookie was yummy. The shake will definitely make you fall in love with the chocolate all over again.

death by chocolate

If you are mojito lover, then you must try Watermelon Virgin Mojito. The drink was refreshing and satisfied our taste buds. If you are looking for salty and sour drink, then we recommend Virgin Negrani. The watermelon flavored soda will give your bud a new and refreshing taste.

virgin negrani

Thai Peanut Salad is an absolute must-try. This was by far the most delicious peanut salad that I had ever tasted. The vegetables were cut in moon shape and were crunchy. The peanut dressing was just-perfect to give that perfect flavor.

thai peanut salad

There is a lot to order when it comes to main course dishes and the food had us floored. But there were three dishes that left a mark and makes me crave for them.

#1 Thin Crust Peri Peri Pizza

I was introduced to Peri Peri sauce few years back when I went to have lunch at Nando’s. Peri Peri sauce is a hot sauce made from a type of bird’s eye chilli. If you love heat, then we absolutely recommend this pizza. The thin crust and yummy seasonings had us wanting for more.

Peri Peri Pizza

#2 Achaari Paneer Tikka

No North Indian meal is complete without Paneer Tikka. The Paneer Tikka had achari (pickle) flavor and was served with mint chutney. The flavors were yum!

Achari Paneer Tikka

#3 Stroke House Tandoori Pizza

Another dish for pizza lovers, Stroke House Tandoori Pizza was made with naan-base. The tandoori flavor and perfect seasonings will just melt in your mouth.

Tandoori Pizza

After indulging in above-mentioned treats, if you have space left in your tummy (or can make space) then you can’t leave without having desserts at The Stroke House.

Fruit Triffle Pudding – The fruit pudding was filled with fruits and custard and whipped cream. You will taste fruit in every bite.

fruit triffle pudding

Base Busha- It was strawberry flavoured jelly presented on a big spoon. It was good and gave us nostalgia feeling of childhood.

base busha

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