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February 7, 2016

The Secret – A Short Story

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Secret: The Missing by Priyanka Patil

We all have a secret. It is like a side of ours that stays hidden because we choose to hide it. It is an ugly side of ours. How can we expect others to accept it if even we can’t come to terms with it? We keep coming up with ways to justify that secret. We keep telling ourselves that things are better the way it is. But this comes with a burden. How will you repress the scruples of conscience when you’re hiding something from someone you love the most?

It was the usual accustomed walk, just like every other day. The pavement was still dusty under their feet; only the small feet were now embarking themselves, only to get accustomed to it. They both loved the daily evening walks with their son. While he ran behind his son; she watched them.

Little did she know, the evening was going to be a different one. It was going to open all her wounds. The wounds which were now covered with the passing time and her husband’s affection. For she saw a figure appearing from the distance; and she knew, it was him. The man who had once rendered her helpless. With his every step she remembered the pain she went through every single day; with him ; and later without him. It reminded her how ignorant he was, unlike her husband, who has always been there for her. The moment she gave upon the man she longed for; she slowly overcame him.

His face glistened when he saw her, she felt the lump in her throat; She didn’t know what to do. It was as if her mind has frozen by the air that was a bit uncomfortably cold all of a sudden. She wanted to cry; She wanted to ask questions. But she didn’t say a word. Only her moist eyes spoke; until she found a firm hand over her shoulder which gave her the courage to say a timid hello and strike up a conversation. She walked away from the man whom she once belonged to, to the man who was now hers; forever. If only, she would have told him her secret? The question kept haunting her.

He picked up his son in his arms and wrapped his other hand around her waist; comforting her. As long as, it was the only secret, the secret his wife never told….

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  • Very nice….

    gajanan February 7, 2016 10:24 pm Reply
  • nice story

    Shubham February 8, 2016 1:23 pm Reply

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