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September 4, 2016

The Return Of The Curves

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Marilyn Monroe

If you head into the deep past none of the popular women figure were ever required to be thin as a stick as the idea of Zero figure women did not really appeal to an audience back then. The idea of attractive began with voluptuous bodies and curvy figures and there was no place for women with slim waists and thin long legs. So let’s just say, curves are in for now and plan to stay there forever!

From our very favorite Marilyn Monroe to Zeenat Aman all the way in India, women were never expected to be below 50 Kgs in order to be beautiful. The entire beauty lay in the fat at the right places. As the era changed so did our idea of beauty and soon pale-faced girls with slimmer hips started appealing to us.

But with the return “bell bottom” jeans, we can also see a return of the curves. And don’t mistake me for saying that our actresses are trying to look curvier. No that’s not what I mean! But what I mean is that the world is beginning to appreciate fuller and voluptuous figures all over again. Maybe we have Kim Kardashian to thank for. Real or fake, Kim did set an idea out there that made people see that a woman is more beautiful when she does not just fit into a small size easily.

This revolution has given plus sized models to come out and embrace their bodies and flaunt it more than they ever did. Even music industry has started appreciating their bodies and loving it for who they are from Demi Lovato to Adele to Meghan Trainor singing “I’m bringing booty back”

But the biggest revolution came with Ashley Graham, a plus sized model, who decided to pose in a bikini for a sports magazine! Looking glamourous in the cover, Ashley shunned the idea of a perfect figure and showed the world how a full-bodied female can look gorgeous on the cover of a fitness daily.

Ashley Graham is a size 16 which is far from the stereotypical size needed for models. Hasn’t the idea of a perfect gone way too far with a majority of the models suffering from eating disorders?

I think it’s time we finally start accepting a woman for what she looks like than setting a fantasy of a perfect figure in their minds which they keep striving to achieve which is far unhealthier than obesity.

These plus sized models aren’t obese. They are just women just like you and me who don’t fit into a 24 size waist and enjoy food but that does not make them unhealthy.

From Tess Holiday who has been flaunting her curves on Instagram for quite a while now and enjoys all the positive attention she receives to Ashley Graham, many more models completely stayed away from what the world perceived as normal and created a new identity of beauty for themselves which I am glad the world has begun to notice.

Don’t mistake these women’s confidence for believing that it’s okay to eat the rest of the cake. Their idea is to embrace their bodies and not bother what others think of them. It’s to teach everyone to learn to embrace their flaws and curves so that they are able to showcase them as a perk like they have managed to. Be curvy, be happy!

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