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November 8, 2016

The Real Reason Why We Are Becoming Nocturnal

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Are you a nocturnal? Do you know what nocturnality means? Well, it is usually  an animal trait where a person sleeps all day and stays up at night.

People often call me a night owl as I stay up late. Is it your case too? then, my friend, you might be suffering from human nocturnal disorder. This disorder is becoming increasingly common with time. Some of us prefer to do it, while others work late at night.

How To Find Out If I Am Nocturnal?

Researchers have found that the genetic make-up of the circadian timing system underpins the difference between early and late chronotypes, the early birds and the night owls or nocturnes. Some night owls who have great difficulty adopting normal sleeping and waking times may have delayed sleep-phase disorder. Morning light therapy may be helpful in shifting sleep rhythms for the nocturnal.

Other than this, you might be blamed for attitude problem and unpunctuality. These are all nocturnal symptoms. It has been found in some research that night owls are more intelligent than early birds. But staying up late is not fancy as you think. Lets find out why and how.

Why Are We Becoming Nocturnal?

This a very common question I have been asked lately. Why am I nocturnal? Is it genetic? I have always been a night person, is it hereditary?

Well, the answer to it is NO. Yes, a big no. In fact, falling asleep when the sun goes down is what we’ve been doing ever since the existence of humanity.

Being nocturnal can be termed as a lifestyle disorder. Since all of us are glued to the phone or laptop, the melatonin levels in our body decrease. When it gets dark, our body secretes this hormone which makes us feel drowsy. But because of the light emitted by the gadgets we are glued to even at night, these hormones aren’t secreted.

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In other words, the light emitted kills the hormone.

And sleeplessness leads to physiological stress because your body is unable to get the sleep it requires. It can also lead to obesity and researchers have it proved. Melatonin is one of the hormones that help you lose weight while sleeping. So if you don’t get enough sleep, you accumulate on the weight that might have been lost and gain much more.

Please note, that this problem won’t be solved by taking sleep pills which is common occurrence nowadays. In fact, it disturbs your natural sleep cycle to a further extent. The sleeping pills do not lead to secretion of melatonin.

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Ways To Tackle The Issue

I know it is very difficult but you can always try. After all, when there is a will, there is a way.

#1 Switch off the lights 2 hours before going to sleep. You can keep the dim lights if any.

#2 Switch to the night mode on your phone, if you’re someone very much addicted to your phone.

#3 The best is to keep the phone away at least 2 -3 hours before you go to sleep.

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