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July 17, 2016

The Morning After Snowfall

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The delicious sunshine with exhilarating wind, how does it happen that the birds sing so well? The new world is born in a magical event. The last night I went to bed in one kind of world and woke up to another quite different, it wasn’t the first fall of snow but it was something that made it so magnificent. Saturday night I slept expecting to wake up to a winter Sunday so normal as it has been ever, but unlike the usual it had pleasure, the pretty pleasure. As a longtime fan of morning walks and the soothing music, I am always excited to the lonely and self sufficient snow, so I packed myself up to the warmest of clothing and most spiky shoes, so that I could walk through the soft hurdles

Before leaving to this super exciting walk, I called for my dog love ‘Joey’, and imagined how happy he would be to see the snow. Joey almost was in love with snow like it was the only thing he wanted. The moment he saw snow he would never snuggle or hide in the cold, he would ramble all through the home just to let him go, let him free. Dogs absolutely love snow; they would play with it, dig into it, sleep on the snow, jump into the heap and would just tear to the farthest place, far away till the snow lasts. Joey never spend his snow days at home eating bread, for him a snowy world is a one big play room. All the snow and ice never bothered Joey’s paws. Joey loved to investigate and manipulate the environment he would often serve as a professional dog for my morning outdoor time, not always but definitely on those snowy mornings.

Feeling his excitement, I gave him another shout but Joey didn’t show up. I went into his little place of residence but Joey wasn’t there. All over the home, all over my place I looked for him everywhere..I thought maybe my father walked him to the park, but on a snowy day this was almost never done. I asked my mother even she had no clue, since then our search for Joey began. I started circling my neighborhood with those spiky shoes, looking for our dog, but I didn’t see him anywhere. I called out his name, looked in all the alleys. I got more and more upset. All I wanted was to stay warm, but now I was extremely cold and so was my dog.

My lost love, Joey half a year old Labrador short and intense with a thick white coat flurry and dark black eyes was talk of my place. He was the most adored dog in my locality and was often surrounded by kids and young ones and he absolutely loved that attention. Whenever I used to come back from work, he would crawl upon me jump with joy stick to my legs and would lay on the ground taking short deep breaths with his eyes closed and would never leave my side.

But there was I standing alone deserted finding him all the way. All the grim thoughts ran over my head. I could memorize the 2 young men dark and well built , who took a long notice of him while he was surrounded by a couple of kid a day before or the other stray dogs that would howl at him every time he went to the park . My family was upset and so were the kids of my streets. I somehow saw those 2 men pass by my home with a big packet, stealing their gaze when I tried to stop them. I sensed Joey, I felt him I called my brother we ran out to reach them, and walking for almost half an hour we found the 2 boys moving into the house with the packet. Reaching to the young men I furiously smashed into their home looked every corner but found the packet that had some groceries and lots of dog food. I again ran out to each corner of the room and found a short intense Labrador, but it was not Joey. I could hear him growl from every corner but it was only me who can hear it, just me. I left the house in desolation, thinking about him, and how cold he would be.

I reached my place to ask my parents if they found him, but no one was there everybody were out to track him down. I could see Joey in every part of my room, all over the house. In deep sadness I walked up to the terrace, to breathe some air some free air like Joey used to do when he was alone. Up there, watching the sunset I saw the snow all scattered and rigged up. I went all around the roof and found a big heap of snow seemed like someone had shoveled it out, and there was Joey playing with the icicles with water all over his thick fluffy fur. Looking at me he shook the water away and jumped onto my legs. I felt uplifted, relieved and thankful. My emotions got even more intense for him, he was family to me.

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  • Wow! I wanna meet Joey 🐺

    Kartik July 17, 2016 10:39 pm Reply

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