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February 17, 2016

The Last Goodbye

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The Last Goodbye

The way I say goodbye, may no one ever have to say the same.”- were her last words

It was the first time she sensed a feeling of immortality when he touched her, a touch that gave her life.

She was mortal, a lifeless thing of beauty that was worthless. It was a touch that made her alive. She named him her soul, as he was who described her existence in the world. With the joy of his presence, she glowed with the sunshine falling upon her. She cascaded through the reefs that came into her way without fearing her mortality. She danced along with the pleasures life gave her.

But was this forever?

Alas! She was witnessing her soul parting ways with her, and could foresee her existence fade away. She feared to lose her life and become still once again.. A body that was tranquil and without any significance was what she was about to become all over again.

The day had come when her journey was to end.

“Last Wish”- She pleaded.

“Your wish will be granted”- Said lord.

“The way I stand still, May no other brook does. The way I lose my essence, May no one does. ”


She took her last breath without her soul, the nature, with glory, pride and the memories of her perseverance, bidding goodbye to all.

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