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February 11, 2016

The Last Cheque

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The Last Cheque

She was casually walking in the balcony; looking at the sky every now and then, the brisk air , and the moon casting silver shadow, always soothed her. A small book and a pen laid on the stool nearby. After thinking for a while, she started writing – the cheque; well, she had written many of these before, but this particular one, was the last one; the last cheque for the last EMI of her very own house.

The pen’s ink glistened with a different pride; the tiny lines gave her the feeling of accomplishment. She recalled her days as a kid, holding her mother’s fingers between her tiny ones, every time they changed their house for a new rented one and the dilemma she faced with the new locality, the new atmosphere. She remembered how difficult it was for her single mother, to search for a new job every time.

Her mother’s sleepless night with empty stomach accompanied by the thoughts of a secure future, always haunted her; as she cuddled next to her mother, placing her soft palms over her mother’s eyes; she often checked for tears till she drifted off to sleep. For, her mother was her biggest asset till date; even today when she was a renowned lawyer, with her own comforting house, she knew she couldn’t pay off her mother’s debt even with the last cheque…

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