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July 14, 2016

The Hunt – Short Story

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The Hunt

The entire place was swarming with over enthusiastic people swaying on the beats of electrifying music.

People who were oblivious to what fate had in store for one of them.

This was their haunt where they could effortlessly put a mask and forget all about who they were or pretended to be. They were so engrossed in losing themselves in the crowd that they ended up being ignorant of the predator keeping a close watch, ready to pounce any moment.

Dull red light flooded the entire space as he entered. His favored spot, a concealed sofa provided an abridged view of the pub and the entire crowd. He observed them closely over a glass of champagne.

The amalgam of people came from different walks of life, yet all exuded the same aura.


They all had to endure disparate frustrations and face innumerable setbacks, which was deftly belied by their callous maneuvers.

His eyes rested on a beautiful petite girl. She clearly looked timid and was uncomfortably petrified. As he approached her, their eyes met and she nervously tugged at the hem of her figure hugging LBD. His lips curled into a victorious smile as he raised his hand, offering a handshake.


She nervously took his hand. The meek hold of her sweaty hands screamed exactly what he wanted to hear.


“What is such a beautiful lady doing up here all alone?”

She blushed in the slightest and managed to answer, “My friends are over there.”

She pointed towards a dimly lit corner where a bunch of hipsters were engulfed in thick smoke, oblivious to their surroundings.

It was going better than he expected.

The girl was unaware of what she was getting herself into. She would be making headlines the next day, just like so many other girls every month. They were all the same.


He found a certain pleasure in listening to their pleas as he drowned them and revived them soon after, followed by pumping air into their fatigued lungs. They begged him to let them die but he was too good for that. He reveled in exploiting and abandoning them, just like an old and tattered toy. A sinister thought smiled at him as Jane broke his reverie.

“So tell me something about yourself”, she asked through her long eyelashes.

“Should we take this further at my place?”

Her timid smile said it all.

The predator had finally rounded his prey.

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